Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Tale of Toasty Toes . . .

Meet my new rubber boots:
New Rubbers

I just lurve them so much!!  Now I can welcome the spring rains (whenever they get here) without fear of drenching my pants and socks.  I think I've mentioned before that I walk to work almost everyday.  Heavy rains accompanied by strong winds are no fun for walking. 

And while we're on the topic of feet, have you seen my slippers lately?
Phentex Slippers
My MIL made them for me two years ago--two years!!  Phentex is sturdy stuff!  How does she manage to work the two colours without actually twisting the colours together?  I never seemed to get the hang of it, although I came pretty close with these slippers I made for my son.

Unfortunately my own comfy slippers are showing their age.  Check out the bottoms.
Worn Soles
So I started making myself a new pair.  Remember the ones I whipped up in a day for my other son?  The pattern includes adult sizes too.  Last night I started and finished one slipper.
New Slipper
I'm using some white acrylic and another skein of Phentex (the colour is called denim, but it looks more like periwinkle).  All the knitting is done, but I have to gather up the toe stitches and them seam it .  Not bad for one night's work!  Maybe I can whip up the second one before the end of the week.

What's on your feet?


  1. I love your boots! I haven't owned a pair of phentex slippers in a long time. They are all time classics.

  2. LOVE your new boots. I've been thinking about getting a pair myself and a real rubber raincoat (with hood) and a GIANT umbrella. Can you tell we've had a very rainy week?

  3. Thanks Allison and Wool-Free! Used boots one day this week and could jump in puddles with impunity, LOL! Actually, I also need a rubber raincoat with hood . . . that's next on the list.


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