Monday, February 1, 2010

Where's Me Hook?

I am so psyched to start a crochet project.  Nothing too difficult or too big--just a small, manageable project suitable for a "beginner".  And its not just 'cuz I found my doily from way back when. 

I read many, many blogs (perhaps too many--100 at last count--which reminds me that I gotta update my blogroll soon).  Many are knitters, but some of them also crochet.  Their collective creativity has got me inspired:  
I'm not ready to work on something so ambitious as a cardigan, but surely there must be something out there for me to try (and I am scouring the free pattern libraries).  Meanwhile, I'm perusing some instruction books I picked up over a year ago from Crafter's Choice Book Club .  

Me thinks me needs to find me hook!

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