Monday, August 26, 2013

A Little Diversion . . .

Bernat Twist & Twirl
So while I had been making slow progress on my costume Bombshell, I was distracted with a couple of side projects.  It's hard to say no when someone asks for a knitted item--especially a project that's supposed to be quick and easy.
Red Heart Boutique Sashay
Like the nice frilly scarves?  Finally got 'round to using ribbon yarn (even though I swore to never use novelty yarn again).  A co-worker bragged 'bout how a non-knitting family member had made scarves using the stuff.  I don't need no stinking "easy" ribbon yarn!  I already know how to knit!
Metallic Grey
However, the challenge beckoned me . . . To wit, two yarns caught my eye: the Bernat Twist & Twirl and Red Heart Boutique Sashay.  My verdict: first watch a video demonstration--tons available on You-tube.  Then, practise.  You are still knitting, but only into the top of the ribbon loop.  As such, it takes a little while to get into the "grove"--the rhythm if you will.  Since only a section of the ribbon is used, the rest is left free to twist and twirl, thereby creating the frill portion of the scarf.
Black and White
Once you find "your grove", the project grows quickly.  And yes, one ball is sufficient for one scarf.  The recipient was super pleased with her scarves.  Nice to be appreciated. ;)

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Road Trip!

The best thing about road trips?
In-car knitting, of course!  The best knitting is accomplished in a moving car (as long as you're not knitting and driving at the same time, ha ha).  I've cast-on for my pinky-pink bombshell and it's movin' along nicely.  So far, so good. ;)

Saturday, August 10, 2013

What Time Is It?

Adventure Time Opening Sequence
Why it's Adventure Time!  Ha, ha!  It's one of my favourite cartoons--very strange, but interesting and very original.

Remember last year's Hal-Con?  It was our first and we were quite impressed with all the costumes.  So we decided to dress up for this year's Hal-Con  (check out this year's events and guests).  
Princess Bubblegum
I've decided to dress up as Princess Bubblegum (who happens to be one of the characters on Adventure Time . . . now the intro makes so much sense).  Living in a small town means the search for supplies will be challenging.  I'm hoping to make my own wig and outfit: knitted top and simple pink skirt sewn from matching fabric.
Not a Hat!  Beginnings of a Wig
So far I've made good progress on the wig.  The pattern is a free one from the Lion Brand website (you can find the pattern link and helpful mods over at Ravlery). Basically the crocheted open-work cap gets filled in with "hair" (otherwise known as yarn).
Pink Stash
Scrounging 'round the stash netted lots of pink: nothing in any significant yardage, so I may have to go on a search . . . 
A Really Big Ball of Pink
I did, however, find raspberry yarn for the top over at Walmart (and yes, it is acrylic).  I'm hoping to use Stefanie Japel's Bombshell pattern from Big Girl Knits.  It's a pattern I've made before, so I'm confident I can complete the project . . . but will it be done on time?  Only time will tell.  I'll keep you posted.

Till next time . . . . 

Monday, August 5, 2013

Jurassic Pig and Other Farm Tales

Sneaking up on pigs whilst they rest in their shelter
Those pigs!  After we brought them home, it was days before I even saw them 'cuz they kept hiding in the thick growth of their fenced-in pen.  I felt like one of the visitors to Jurassic Park.  Remember when the vehicles stopped in front of the T-Rex cage and it was nowhere to be seen?  Even after the sacrificial goat was proffered, it refused to reveal itself . . . just like our pigs!!  I literally had to sneak up on them to get a few decent shots and then they ran off when they heard the "ding" of the camera.  Those crazy pigs!  
Fleeing pigs . . . 
In contrast, the turkeys come over and "talk" when they see us humans.  Aren't they getting uglier with each passing day? 
Even the egg-laying chickens are brazen.  We added more egg-layers to the group and there's a bit of a turf war going on, with each party avoiding the other (I think the newer hens are scared of the older ones and rightly so, as the older gals are killers--ever see a chicken pecked to death?). 
Older egg-layer strutting 'bout the big pen
I think the resulting stress has put a damper on egg production 'cuz the ol' girls have stopped laying . . . me thinks chicken stew is gonna be on the menu soon if there continues to be no eggs. 
New egg-layer deciding if it's safe to venture out . . . 
As for the meat birds . . . I have never met an animal so stunned in all my life.  Part of me feels sorry for them 'cuz we humans have messed them up by breeding in traits (such as large breasts) that prevent movement--they literally have a hard time walking.
Meat birds in movable pens
And what's a farm without a garden?  The veggie garden has seen the biggest change.  With full-time work and family chores,  I seldom have a chance to get in there.  However, my FIL has done an awesome job caring for the plants.
Potatoes, peppers and celery
For the most part, everything is looking lush and green.  Looking forward to the harvest come end of August . . . .
Corn, tomatoes, broccoli, carrots and beets
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