Sunday, April 28, 2013

Knittin' Stuff

There's no shortage of knittin' projects over at casa d'acrylic.  Hubby's slippers are almost done.  They just need some seaming--and none too soon as his old ones are almost disintegrating as I write this . . . eeek! Must sew post haste!
Man-sized Non-Felted Slippers
And I started another lovely ballband dishcloth.  I've made this pattern before.  It's easy, looks great and works much better than the ol' traditional garter stitch dishcloth (doesn't stretch out too much when wet, yet still has scruffy surface for scrubbing).  My old dishcloths are fading fast.  Living in the country with hard water can take a toll on one's laundry, especially the linens that go in and out of the water.  
Ballband Dishcloth in progress
Since there`s plenty of Bernat Handicrafter Cotton in the stash, I'm makin' more of these dishcloths.  Think 5 to 6 would suffice?  Maybe I should make more?  Let's see how quickly I get bored with the pattern . . . . 
Finished Avocado
Oh, and I mustn't forget:  Avocado is complete!  Buttons and ends sewn into place.  I think it looks very cute with the wooden buttons--very rustic feel to it.  Hubby is set to bring home a box so I can mail it off to my sister.  Hopefully my niece will be able to wear it before the weather gets too warm or she outgrows it (Ya gotta know I'm already planning another cardigan for the fall--hope 12 months will work for sizing).

Have a great week!

Sunday, April 21, 2013


Maybe?  See the tiny spikey leaves poking from the ground?  See the little hints of white, yellow (and yes, even purple)?
Note to self: plant next year's bulbs in bunches.  I was trying to maneuver 'round the perennials and the crocuses ended up in a row instead . . . 
I wasn't sure 'bout the clay-like soil in my garden bed (I need compost and maybe even some mulch 'round the perennials to add stuff to the dirt), so I didn't plant as many as I should have.  Yup, definitely need more bulbs!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Happy Feet

My son's feet are happy.  His new slippers fit very well (yay!).  And they feel smooshy.

My hubby's feet will soon be happy too!  One slipper is done.  The second is on the way . . . 

Have a great week!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Tink, Tink, Tink

That's the sound of my needles busy at work . . . 

First, the baby cardi (aka Avocado) is happily off the needles.  It needs some darning of ends and sewing of buttons . . . Ahhh, buttons!  Which ones to choose? They could all work, but I narrowed it down to two: the pearl ones and the wooden ones.

Truthfully I had always envisioned the finished item with wooden buttons for a casual, rustic feel, but the pearl ones look pretty . . . Decisions, decisions!

While I pondered my button choices, two requests came in from my family.  Everyone needs slippers!  The slippers of my youngest  fell apart.  Considering he got more than a year's use, I can't complain.  My own slippers lasted a few months before falling part--guess I'm hard on my feet.  Since I had lots of the same yarn leftover, I made the same style using the same yarn.  The Non-Felted Slippers by Yuko Nakamura  are a great design--easy to follow and quick to work (you may recall the pattern mods I posted here).

The slippers were completed over a few days (lunch and naptime are the best times to  squeeze in a few rounds of knitting).  They only need some seaming (of course my mind pondered the possibility of creating a solid sole by using Judy's Magic Cast-on--could it work for this many stitches?  I wonder . . . ).

And dear hubby requested slippers too.  His old ones were the traditional two-tone Phentex slippers--and they were dying.  For a change, he's willing to try the Non-Felted Slippers, mainly because these moccasin type slippers are a quick knit.  And if I use Phentex yarn, then they should still be quite durable (he's tough on his feet too).  Since hubby's feet are much bigger than mine, I've made mods.  I added extra stitches at cast-on, but am still working the same number of increases.  I'm hoping they will be sufficiently larger to accommodate hubby's man-sized feet . . . we'll shall see in a few days.

Now back to my reguarly scheduled studying (after this week's exam, I'm a free woman).  Have a good week! :)
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