Friday, December 27, 2013

Lovely Patches

I've still got socks on the brain!  Not new socks (although there were socks under the tree).  Instead I'm thinking of old socks.  Socks with holes!
Blue sock with hole in heel
My sister-in-law, who is also a knitter, tipped me off to a good a great video tutorial on You-Tube.  The instructor creates a new patch that is knitted right onto the existing sock to cover the hole.  No sewing!  It is a beautiful thing.
Now my sock is not wool and neither is my patch.  So the patch will not felt into the old sock, but at least it will once again be wearable.  I must confess, though, that I used sock yarn for the patch where the original was made in worsted.  So, I fudged the technique and had to add extra stitches to make the appropriate width.
Fixed Sock!
I do like the final product.  Hope it prolongs the life of the socks a little longer.  At the very least I can wear these socks again.  And it only took me 15-20 minutes.  How about that?!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Happy Holidays . . .

How's the festivities at your place?  We're in full Christmas cheer here in the house on the hill.
The tree is up.  The presents are wrapped.  The baking is done.  We're just relaxin' and chillin' with the kids as we await Santa's arrival . . . .

Hope y'all have a wonderful Christmas with loved ones nearby.

Sunday, December 22, 2013


As soon as I finished off the last sock, I searched Ravelry for sock patterns.  I was looking for something different.  The yarn I planned to use (Bernat Sox) can pool wickedly--and not in a pleasant way.  So my search centered on a pattern that would counter pooling tendencies of multi-coloured yarn.  To wit, I found a neat pattern: Aquaphobia socks (Rav link).  
New Sock
My first attempt was frogged--misread the pattern.  So I cast on again with some simple mods:
1) cast on 64 sts instead of 68; still made increases but working with 72 sts instead of 76
2) worked 2x2 ribbing instead of 1x1
3) not working cable and instead have 2x2 reverse ribbing on the sides (p2, k2, p4, k2, p2, work slip-stitch pattern).
Taming the Pool
The effect isn't perfect, but the slip-stitch pattern does appear to tame some of the colour pooling.  Sadly I may have to frog again: when I tried on the sock, the leg seemed too loose.  Ugh!  I may have to stick to 64 stitches and forget about adding any increases.  I'm also using 2.5 mm needles, but I hesitate to go down to 2.25 mm 'cuz the slip-stitch pattern doesn't have much "give".

Here's hoping third time is the charm!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

About That Sock

Almost done . . . 
You know the one?  I've been working on it on and off since . . . well, sadly its been just over a year 'cuz I put it down and worked on other projects.  The other projects got done, but the socks--not so much.
Warming my feet by the fire
With school work done for the time being, I've managed to reach the toes--almost done!  And not a moment too soon!
Look at the weather outside!
Check out the stormy weather outside.  There's snow falling--and lots of it!  The wind is stirring and blowing all the white stuff.  We're quite content to stay indoors.  Definitely need my woolies today!
Storming outside today
Stay warm wherever you are and have a good one. :)

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Dreaming of . . .

Socks!  Of course.  To that end, I went looking through the stash just to see how much sock yarn was actually in there.  And lo and behold, I found enough yarn for lots of sockies!  Wheeeee!
Paton's Kroy
Pictured above is a modest stash of Patons Kroy.  There's enough there for another 6 pairs of socks . . .  all those pretty colours and warm woolie goodness . . . ahhhhhh!
Bernat Sox
I've also got a bit of acrylic sock yarn (Bernat Sox) that's never been used.  I had meant to make socks for myself but went into the wool first.
Mostly Leftover Bernat Socks
There's also leftover Bernat Sox from pairs of socks I had made for my boys (only one of them likes woolen socks).  
Unknown Woolen Sock Yarn
Along with these leftovers, there are various odds and ends of solid coloured sock wool.   I think some of this came from hubby's grandmother when she moved (inherited lots of acrylic, needles and old pattern books from the 50s).

Hopefully most of this stash will becomes socks, maybe with contrasting heels and toes.   Whatever doesn't become socks can clothe my Barbie.  My doll is sadly lacking pretty outfits.  

Between work and school work, there is precious little time for much else . . . so I better get busy once I finish my exam.  

Have a good week. ;)

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Back At It . . .

The knitting, that is.  Yup, back to knitting, only about 30 min a day but it is so much better than not knitting.  I missed it.  A lot!  My hands were aching--literally aching (although it could have been from the sudden appearance of snow and cold temperatures).
Socks in progress . . . 
I'm working on a pair of socks I started in the spring.  I put them down to work on other things and then school started . . . well, only other crafters can understand the familiar lament: too much to do and not enough hours (or rather, too much to do and not enough energy).
Better view of two socks
Thankfully one sock was finished with the second one already cast-on (I'm usually good that way).  And there's nothing like winter weather to spur one on to finish woolen socks.
Check out the heel flap
Have I mentioned that I love wool socks?  I truly do.  And I need more.  I have only 4 pairs and that's not nearly enough.  I've still got lots of sock yarn in my stash, although sock wool is readily available locally--thank goodness!  However, I have a couple of outstanding WIPs to finish and I really wanna make myself a new beret, matching scarf and mittens.  And more socks--of course!
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