Sunday, April 27, 2014

It Grows!

Thus far I have managed to add a new square every day.  The pile of squares grows bigger.  Soon I will begin attaching them to each other.
Pile o' Granny Squares
I've capped the total colours to 13--and all in the stash!  Not sure about the amounts, though.  I had initially planned to make my bedspread 10 squares by 10 squares.  This meant that, with the exception of one colour, I only needed to make 8 squares in each colour.  With the addition of a 13th colour, that has changed.  Now the bedspread will be 11 by 11 squares.  The addition of an 11th square in both the width and length will fit better on the bed.  Not sure how this affects my yarn amounts, though.  Time will tell . . . 
More Grannies
Meanwhile, I'm not sure how to tackle the pillows--mainly since I'm not sure how many of the colours will be left over.  I may settle for simple all-white granny rectangles . . . I have time to think about it.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter

All told, it's been a nice Easter weekend to spend with the family.
Rainbow Eggs courtesy of
Here's wishing you and yours a good Easter day and happy long weekend.

Friday, April 18, 2014


First crocus of the season
Proof of life, that is.  Bits of spring hinted here and there.  In spite of the last wintery blast, the sun is making more frequent appearances.  And its giving off greater heat.
Yellow wildflowers called Coltsfoot and often mistaken for dandelions
Suddenly out of nowhere, there are tons of red-breasted robins pecking in the lawn in search of worms and grub.
Fresh green stuff!
Amidst all the grey decay and dead matter, new life sprouts.  Green stems and stalks break through the once frozen earth.
Tulips breaking through . . . 
I love spring!!  The promise of something fresh and new is in the air . . .

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Can't Talk . . .

In the middle of studying for my last exam . . . 
Pile o' Squares
Just popped in so I could share my progress so far:
Rainbow colours
Seven squares and all different.  There are twelve different colours in total (possibly 13), and all in the stash!  This should be a stash buster, right?
Just the beginning
Only 93 more squares to go . . .

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