Monday, November 28, 2011

Toasty Toes

Oh what a good girl am I! Got two FOs to share--and they're both socks . . . ahhh, toasty toes! :D
Worsted Toe-Up Socks
First off, I finally finished my first-ever toe-up socks.  And of course I blogged about them back in July.  I picked them up again in September and almost finished them save for the bind-off.  I know what you're thinking: if I was almost finished, why did it take more than two months to finally cast-off the last few stitches (honestly I'd like to know the answer to that one too, but I can make a few good guesses).
Right Worsted Sock
Suffice to say that "the big move" had something to do with it.  With all the painting, packing and unpacking, there wasn't time for much else.  And to be honest, I'd forgotten about them until I found them in a little bag in my craft closet (so lucky to finally have a space where I can store all my yarn bins and all my scrapbook supplies).
Fingering-Weight Toe-Up Socks
As for the second pair of socks, these progressed a little faster--sort of.  I was able to finish the first sock in a week back in July.  The second sock . . . well, it was a while before I cast on for the second sock; but once I began, it progressed rather quickly ('bout two weeks all told).
Left Sock
Right Sock
Notice how the striping is totally different from one skein to the next.  I bet if I'd whipped up a third sock with another skein it would look totally different from the first two.  Just the nature of the yarn.  Its Patons Kroy FX and there's more in my stash (yay, more socks!).  

For my next trick . . . . a new project?  Me thinks there are slippers in my future.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Technical Difficulties

Pretty Kitty
So I had a post all ready to go on my latest FO (not one, but two!).  Go figure, the darn thing didn't publish correctly! Ugh!  There was something funky going on with the font ( could it be 'cuz I used cut-and-paste?  Never happened before and I've been with Blogger for almost 3  years).  For the life of me, I couldn't figure it out and it doesn't help that I know nothin' 'bout HTML. 

So whilst I re-do EVERYTHING on my post (arrrrgh and double arrrgh!), you can look at some nice kitty photos.
Cozy Amongst the Jackets and Slippers
I must confess that I'm turning into a bit of a cat person (Eeeek! I'm becoming something I never thought I'd never be).  I'm totally fascinated by my cat Patches.  She's so darn cute--if I do say so myself.  

And she's becoming quite the mouser.  A few nights ago, she came up to me growling (I swear she sounded like a dog).  She had something in her mouth.  I thought it was a toy.  I followed her into the bathroom and realized it was a mouse!  I tried to remove it from her mouth, but the mouse was still alive!  I quickly stepped on it to keep it from escaping and then . . . flush, flush (That can't be good for the toilet, right?  And yes, I was holding a live mouse in my hand).  What's a mouse-fearing person to do?  And why didn't my cat kill the mouse?  How many other mice escaped her clutches?  Time for some old-fashioned mouse traps.

Hope your weekend is free from any technical difficulties (and any mice too).

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Baby Its Cold

Just Beyond the Front Porch
Winter seems to have come early this year.  The mornings had been getting cooler, the sky grayer and the air crisper.  And finally yesterday Mother Nature slapped us with a doozy of a storm (predictions of 25cm of snow, but not exactly sure how much actually fell.  Halifax had 30cm and Sydney had 40cm). 
Front Yard
Snow day for the kids and for me too. The center is still closed as roads in town are not all cleared and white stuff is still falling.  My work may open, but I won't be able to get in unless my driveway gets plowed (yeah I've gotta get a snow blower and, more importantly, I gotta get a regular guy to plow my long driveway--its a big job!).
Our Car After Being Dug Out
This is the first bit of winter at our new place in the country.  We're only 12-15 minutes drive from town, but it seems an eternity when the roads are slippy.  Suffice to say I was pleased we got the new winter tires on in time (can't say the same for all the family members).  
View From Living Room Window
Me thinks winter is too cold and damp.  Time to knit more socks and perhaps a cozy pair of slippers.  And I better get a move-on on that cardigan . . . 

Welcome to winter :S

Sunday, November 20, 2011


Compact Tractors
Is there something amiss in the my acrylic-filled brain if I ogle tractors?  Is it so wrong to have tractor envy?  
More Tractors
Seriously, I'm lovin' the ones with a bucket--mighty handy for clearing the snow from my long, long driveway come wintertime.  You wouldn't believe how expensive a brand new tractor can be.  If only we had some extra money . . . Or maybe we can find a decent used tractor (And just FYI, my FIL and BIL are feeling the tractor envy too.  Just sayin').
Recent Magazine Purchases
For the past year I've been reading a lot of Mother Earth News and Hobby Farms.  It can give a girl ideas--crazy, farming, living-off-the-grid and growing-my-own-food ideas. 

A girl can dream . . . 

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Crafting . . .

Crafty Pursuits
On this chilly Saturday, I'm busy crafting away: scrapping a gift album for my parents.  Its their Christmas gift.  Every year it gets harder and harder to find gifts for my folks; they're very particular, so I thought a lovely album would be very personal and much appreciated  (I can safely reveal that here 'cuz my folks don't know 'bout the interwebs. They don't even own a computer, so I figure I'm safe--as long as my brother and sisters stay mum 'bout my crafty plans).  
Second Sock
And rest assured there has been knitting.  Trying to knock off another languishing WIP from my long list.  I started my second toe-up sock.  Its a ribbed sock I started in the summer.  The first sock went rather quickly, but then I never cast-on for the second one and my hands were busy with other projects  . . well, you know how it goes.  So many crafty diversions, so little time . . . 

Sunday, November 13, 2011


Yup, got something finished (its been a while, n'est pas?).
Finished Slippers
Finally completed a pair of slippers for my dear hubby.  Hard to believe, but these were started a year ago . . . a whole year?!  That is way too long for a pair of slippers.  
New Slippers
I think hubby appreciated the effort (he's generally very appreciative).  I only wish he'd ask me for more hand knits (still planning to make him a cardigan one of these days.  I has the yarn and the pattern.  Now if I could only find enough time during the run of a day.  Or perhaps I could become a faster knitter . . . ha, as if that is ever gonna happen).

It always bothers me that my slippers never quite look like the traditional Phentex slippers.  I never got the hang of the striped version--can't seem to avoid the holes.  So I alternate colours every two rows.  My finishing is also less than acceptable.  Thankfully I found a blogger who's made a lovely tutorial over at Pinney and Pnut.  She clearly illustrates how to assemble the slippers.  Check it out.

Now I'm off to enjoy one more day off.  Have a good one. :)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

We Has . . .

Keyboard courtesy of
Internet!! Yup, back online at long last (although I must confess that I've done well to publish a post at least once a week).  It's been nearly a month since I've been offline . . . too long for my taste.  I can live without TV, but I needs me interwebs.  
Screenshot courtesy of
I use the web to search (so who played that guy in that movie with that chick?), keep in touch with family and friends, read blogs, ravel (of course!) and blog.  Oh, and I suffer from a slight--only slight--addiction to Restaurant City (I swear I can stop anytime if I have to.  Honest!).

Its good to be back  ;)

Friday, November 11, 2011

Remembering . . .

It's windy and blustery out in my neck of the woods.  And many Remembrance Day ceremonies have been moved indoors.  Perhaps the weather is rather fitting given the occasion.  Good to remember the sacrifices of those who came before me.  I can't even imagine the hardships and horrors they lived through. 
Canadian Soldiers in France courtesy of
Recently caught the opening sequence of Saving Private Ryan--akin to getting punched in the belly.  In the building where I work, there's a display of nurses from the local area who served overseas during the war.  There are mementos such as uniforms, medical equipment and lots of pictures.  Just ordinary people . . . in extraordinary times.

Canadian Soldiers in Italy courtesy of
Hope you have a chance to stop and remember.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Not Quite Knitting . . .

I'd like to write that I'm almost finished my Bohus Redux cardigan, but sadly I haven't touched it all week.  Instead I've been working on the lone slipper in the hopes that I can finally give them to my husband (I think I've been working on these for a year--although to be fair, they've been sitting in my knitting basket untouched for a long, long time).

And since I've no camera with me, there are no updated photos of knitted items (although how interesting can a slipper be?).  Instead, you must content yourself with a few breath-taking shots of country life:
Pond Near Our Place

Misty Sunrise
There's something about the natural world that impresses and inspires a soul . . . Perhaps this is why I left the security and familiarity of city-life lo those many years ago.  Perhaps this is why we longed to leave town life.  For two years we dreamed . . . and now here we are.  

So I have to live without the internet for a few more weeks? Thus far I've managed.  Besides, there are plenty of wi-fi hot spots during my weekly forays into town (As I write this I'm enjoying the quiet space and luxury of a hotel.  I've got a work-related seminar in the morning).  Too philosophical?  Maybe. Its good to stop and reflect every now and then.

Here's hoping your weekend is a good one--and a crafty one.  :)

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