Monday, February 22, 2010

And So the Sock Grows . . .

Past the Gusset Decreases

Surprisingly, my sock-in-limbo is no longer in limbo.  It's growing!  Mostly I've been working on it in dribs and drabs: fifteen minutes here; twenty minutes there.  It all adds up.  Managed to work the heel flap, turn the heel and get past the gusset decreases--all in one week!  Now it's onward to the toes (thankfully I don't have exceptionally large feet).  Just straight, plain knitting--albeit on spaghettini-sized needles!

Round and Wide

Having never made this particular pattern before, I'm knittting it as is.  No modifications (I've made the children's version, but the ladies is slightly different).  And I'm lovin' the rounded wide heel.  Sometimes the heel can be a bit pointy and I'm not too keen on that (especially since my feet seem to be widening with age).

Knit on little needles . . .

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