Saturday, March 6, 2010

I Almost Had Nothing . . .

All week I've been busily "finishing" part of my Bernat project for Feb/March (which didn't involve any crocheting or knitting).  Consequently I've felt "lost":  I've missed the act of knitting and/or crocheting.  Worst of all, despite all my "finishing work" I've got nothing to show for my efforts!

By Thursday night, I couldn't take it anymore and hauled out a few old projects.  By Friday night I had one sock, a finished slipper and another dishcloth.  And it felt soooo good :D

At long last, say hello to my stripey sock.
Vintage Vogue Ladies's Ribbed Sock

The fit is awesome!  The heel fits nicely and the foot is long enough (added 2 extra inches to foot length).  All the trying on and re-measuring paid off.  This pattern is gonna be a keeper (I'm already planning the purchase of other colours).

One Lonely Slipper

The slipper fits nicely too.  It doesn't feel as warm as my old slippers, but it will do for spring and fall.  I may have to pair the Phentex with a bulkier weight yarn.  Wonder if two strands of Phentex together would work?  All the splitting would surely drive me batty!

And my new dishcloth:
Another Dishcloth

The pattern came from the Bernat website and there were lots to choose from.  I'm sure any yarn company that manufacturers worsted cotton offers free crochet patterns.  I use Bernat 'cuz it's readily available in my little town (I can find some Red Heart cotton, but not in worsted weight).  Also, I can purchase a big ball of Bernat cotton (about 600-700 yards) for $7.00.  That's a whole lotta dishcloths!

And now back to my happy crafting . . .  :D

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