Sunday, November 30, 2014

Still Unpacking . . .

If you've ever moved, then you can empathize with my pain . . . all the boxes!!  The never-ending boxes . . . 

At least I found a place for most of my yarn (although there are yarn baskets in my closet and a couple in the basement.  I'm not sure where they will end up but hopefully everything will eventually fit in the closet). 
New yarn closet
Not sure how to re-organize for optimal storage . . . Somewhere on the interwebs, there is a solution.  Needless to say I miss my lovely craft closet in the farmhouse (but I miss neither the farmhouse nor the nasty winter drive to and from the farmhouse).

As for my scrapbook supplies, I wasn't sure what to do with them (they too were stored in the craft closet at the farmhouse).  My papers and books found a place on a new bookshelf.  As for my other supplies, I purchased a rolling cart.  Of course, some assembly was required.  It took some time to connect the pieces, but the final product looks pretty (even if it is smaller than I had hoped).
Assembled rolling cart with rainbow shelves
With yarn and books finally accessible, I can think about crafting . . . but not until I finish the last two projects due in my course--two weeks left before classes end for the holidays--although this is not to say that there has been no crafting.  Some grannies were made and some were attached . . . it's all good!   ;)  

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Lots and lots of boxes!
The hallway outside my old room . . . 
That has been my life for quite some time now, as we tried to  pack up all our things into boxes. And then the time came to pack the truck with all those boxes . . .
Our life in a truck . . . 
Meanwhile our internet service ended and we weren't re-connected at our new place until later in the week.  
Living-Dining Room BEFORE

Living-Dining Room AFTER
So far we've made good progress unpacking, but there are still boxes to unpack.  And I have to figure out where I'm gonna store my yarn . . . all in good time I suppose.
Living Room area
For now, I wish you well and I'll keep you posted.  


Sunday, November 2, 2014

Happy Post-Halloween

How was your Halloween night?  Did you get many tricker-treaters?  We get no visitors that night--too far out in the country, I guess (That will, no doubt, change next year when we are living in town again).
courtesy of photo site
I failed to get a photo of my boys dressed up.  We dropped them off at a friend's house and they got dressed there, so photo opportunity missed (I'll get them dressed up once we're moved into our new place).

Right now I'm up to my eyeballs in boxes, boxes and more boxes.  So please forgive this short post and the lack of crafty content.  Next weekend is our final one in the farmhouse and then we're back in town in our own place . . . .
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