Saturday, July 27, 2013

More Stash?

Squinting in front of Baadeck Yarns
Yup, another road trip resulted in a visit to yet another yarn shop . . . This is Baadeck Yarns in the lovely town of Baddeck on Cape Breton Island, off the Bras d'Or lakes-- a lovely and scenic part of Nova Scotia.
Waterfront View of Baddeck
The shop, which is located at the back of an old home, has lots to offer!  Nice selection of pretty handcrafted buttons and pins, tools, and of course lots of fiber and yarn, including Debbie Bliss, Malabrigo, Fleece Artist and Noro.  The staff were helpful and we even chatted with the friendly owner (and just an aside, even the Yarn Harlot loved this place when she visited in 2004).
Pretty Nordlys from Viking of Norway
On this excursion, I couldn't resist this bright fingering with it's rich saturated colour!  Even though it's sock yarn, this soft wool is meant to be something special: perhaps a shawlette or pretty lacy beret?  Must peruse Ravelry . . . 

Friday, July 26, 2013

Made More . . . .

Stripey Towel with Solid Potholder 
Kitchen towels, that is.  In brighter and bolder colours.  Lovin' them . . . . !
More Bright and Cheery Kitchen Towels
Hopefully, I now have enough (although when I get the chance, I'll pick up a few more towels and potholders to make more).  Right now with five, I can keep one for a day or two before throwing it in the wash.  ;)

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Kitchen Towel

Yup I've been crafting, but not knitting. Sewing. Made a few kitchen towels with potholder toppers.  Very easy and--most important--absorbent.  I've seen kits to make knitted or crocheted kitchen toppers, but the thin towels get drenched quickly.  Also, with the hard water from our well, light coloured fabrics get stained. My goal was to create an absorbent kitchen item in dark colours.
Kit from Mary Maxim
I made kitchen towels using matching potholders and hand towels (ones for the bathroom) purchased at dollar stores and large chains (bought mine at Walmart and 5 to a Dollar).
Step 1:  Fold towel in thirds, ensuring that the folded width matches the width of the pot holder. Pin into place.  With "wrong side" facing (that is, with the folds visible), sew across the middle, width-wise. This will ensure that the towel will never unfold.
Checking folded width of towel with potholder
Sewing folds of towel down middle, width-wise
Step 2: Flip over the towel to right side.  Place potholder in middle of towel, with"wrong side" of potholder showing.  Pin potholder to middle of towel.  Sew down the middle of potholder, width-wise.
Sewing potholder to folded towel down middle, width-wise
Step 3: Fold potholder so that towel hangs from it.  Attach button to potholder so that loop acts as buttonhole.
When attached potholder folded in half, towel "hangs"
Button sewn into place
Step 4: Hang finished towel from any convenient handle (preferably near a sink)
Sadly this great craft idea is not mine.  My MIL found something similar in a flea market in Florida.  So many thanks to the clever anonymous crafter who came up with the original idea.  I just improved upon it. ;)

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Finishing . . . And other Stuff

Even though I was back to work, the past week was still good.  I finally had a chance to meet up with the gals at knit night--and that's always quite enjoyable. 
More Woolen Socks
And there was knitting, of course.  I actually finished a sock and immediately cast on for the second one--only a few more inches till I turn the heel.  Isn't the self-striping pattern cool?  I sooooo need more woolen socks 'cuz summer won't last forever (although hard to even contemplate winter at this point).
Sock Detail
By the way, I finished the modified dishcloth from PurlSoho.  Not quite sure it looks like the original Tweed Slip Stitch, but I still like the finished pattern.  I also love the thick fabric created by the slipped stitches.  I'd love to make more with different colours, but as usual, there are other projects needing my attention . . . .
Tweed Slip Stitch Dishcloth
By the way, here are my mods for the pattern.  I used Bernat Handicrafter Cotton which is worsted, so the original stitch counts had to be adjusted.  I cast on 35 stitches (33 for stitch pattern plus 1 stockingnette stitch at each end = 35 stitches total).  Then I worked a few rows of garter stitch before working pattern as follows:
Row 1: Purl
Row 2: K1, *Sl 1 (wyib), K2. Repeat from * till last stitch, K1
Row 3: P1, *Sl 1 (wyif), K2. Repeat from * till last stitch, P1
Row 4: K1, *K2, Sl 1 (wyib). Repeat from * till last stitch, K1
Row 5: P1, K1, *Sl 1 (wyif), K2. Repeat from * till last stitch, P1
Row 6: K1, K1, *Sl 1(wyib), K2.  Repeat from * till last stitch, K1
Row 7: P1, K2, *Sl 1 (wyif), K2.  Repeat from * till last stitch, P1
Work the same number of garter rows before binding off.  To finish off, I picked up stitches along the side (approximately 30 stitches) and worked same number of garter rows to create a border.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Crazy Stitching . . .

Cross-Stitching Goodness
No, the stitches themselves aren't crazy.  The craziness is in the lady pullin' the needle through the fabric.
Stitchery Cat
Yeah, I started another project in a whole different craft: cross stitch.  It's a simple little kit I've had laying 'round the house for the longest time.  And the cat is so cute!  There's a companion kit with a puppy--and my son decided to work on that one, my companion in crime!  He's got a couple of unfinished cross stitch projects laying 'bout . . . like mother, like son!  Ha!  Hmmm, wonder if these ones will get finished . . . ?

Feelin' stitchy? Wanna get inspired by stitchy goodness?  Check out Feeling Stitchy blog for lots of neat ideas and projects in cross stitching and embroidery.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Road Trip!

So we're on our first week of vacation, and we haven't been home . . . 

Yesterday we ventured to the big city and visited our favorite places: yarn shop for me, comic book stop for the boys and music store for hubby.  And of course, we hit the bookstores . . . !!  Fun was had by all.
Needless to say I added to the stash: sock yarn, double pointed needles and some lovely chunky stuff with awesome yardage.  Squee!
Sock yarn from Drops Fabel
Marble Chunky at over 300 yards!

If you're ever in the Halifax area, check out LK Yarns.  The staff was friendly and helpful (feel free to browse, even with hubby and kids in tow).  The selection was great: lots of different yarns at different price points.  And sweater quantities too!

I am one happy crafter. :)

Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy Canada Day!

Photo Courtesy of Stock Exchange
Wherever you may be in this vast nation, may you be surrounded by friends and family.  And may your day be filled with much crafting.  Have a good one. :)
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