Sunday, June 29, 2014

Road Trip . . .

Red rose from a grand opening--very classy!
Now that summer has finally arrived, we're using our weekends to spend time with the kids. Usually we end up on a road trip--perhaps a visit to the city, maybe a quaint little town or dip in the ocean?  No matter where we go, I love watching the countryside as we putt-putt along the highway . . . 
View from my window . . . 
As with any road trip, its not just the destination that matters.  There's lots of great stuff that happens along the way: cool tunes, good conversation, lovely scenery--and in-car crafting!  Seriously!!  I love knitting or hooking in the car--even if I sometimes end up with boo-boos (Only another crafter can truly appreciate the joys of car-crafting).  Viola, my car-hooking:
Pink square in progress
Right now I've got tons of squares stored away in a bag in my room.  All those lonely squares, waiting to be joined . . . soon, my pretties.  Very soon.

Monday, June 16, 2014

The Stuff of Life . . .

So remember when I thought I had lost all my photos stored on my failing laptop?  Well, I found them!  Most of them--the important ones anyways (I lost some knitting/crochet pics and any "free ones" from and  Luckily I've got most of my crafting photos on Ravelry & this blog).

I wasn't crazy after all.  I DID back up my photos initially on a portable hard drive.  I had "hidden" the hard drive in my room to stay safe--so safe I had forgotten where it was hidden!  Needless to say, I was relieved.  I've since backed up everything on disk and downloaded all the photos back onto my laptop.
Wee Houses courtesy of
With one "crisis" resolved, we fell into another one . . . well, not really a crisis.  More of a stressful event.  We're in the middle of buying a house.  It is extremely stressful, especially since we're not "in the clear" yet.  All the paperwork for offers and counter-offers and required documents, letters and inspections . . . its enough to drive a person mad.

So forgive me if my crafting has fallen by the wayside . . . 
I'll keep you posted.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

To All the Dads

Father & Son courtesy of
Here's hoping that whatever the weather, wherever you are (it's pouring buckets in my neck of the woods), you have an enjoyable day.  Hope you are surrounded by loved ones and feeling loved.

Have a good week!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

So Little Crafting . . .

There's been so little crafting the past week  **sigh** .  I've been busy with reports and what-not for work, as well as working on my challenge package (long story short: I'm challenging some courses required for my degree program but the process requires extensive writing).  On top of that, hubby and I have been busy house-hunting . . . 

However, I will share the little that has been completed on my beloved bedspread:
Bedspread in-progress
I'm making the effort to tidy-up as many loose ends as possible.  The process is slowing me down, but in the end I will be thankful for the effort.

Here's hoping to more craftiness . . . 

Sunday, June 1, 2014


I did it! And I feel so stupid . . . Ugh!!  The thought makes me sick to my stomach . . . Remember my laptop's hard drive was failing?  Well the whole hard drive had to be replaced.  

Foolishly I had neglected to make copies of my photos 'cuz I was so certain I had already saved most of my photos onto an external hard drive.  But I hadn't.  And I had forgotten that they were no longer on my old laptop.  So  **gasp**  they're gone! 
antique cameras from
Thanks heavens for Facebook.  I found some nice albums there.  And hubby was eventually able to find some old disks with photos.  Now I'm only missing a few from 2007 to 2010 (where initially I thought everything from 2000 to 2011 was gone).  Yay, the baby photos are safe (and thankfully I had scrapbooked some of them). 
vintage cameras from
I've learned my lesson:  burn copies onto disk ALWAYS and PRINT the best ones to scrapbook (or put into photo albums).  This will be my new mission this summer . . . 

So forgive me if some of my crafting efforts shift from all things yarny and focus on all things paper.
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