Sunday, May 29, 2011

Growing Cushion

So my lovely cushion cover is steadily growing.  I hope to have the bottom side finished in the not-too-distant future.

Cushion Cover

I'm really liking the stripes with the heathered blue and cream--very pretty.  The section I'm working on will wrap 'round the top and bottom.  Then my plan is to make a narrow ribbon in single crochet to cover the sides.  I'm hoping to attach the sides to the main section with crab stitch--a nice little detail.

Cushion Cover Detail

There's a quarter left to go before the main piece is completed.  The sides shouldn't take too long to complete since they'll be narrow and short.  Once I finish this prototype, the next two cushions shouldn't take too long (famous last words?  Hope not).  Besides, re-doing the whole project will help me refine my pattern notes. 

Once completed rest assured I'll be posting the pattern here for free.  I can't believe others haven't had the same idea percolating in their heads.  And I know I've come across patterns online for chair covers.


Sunday, May 22, 2011


Remember the dude who could stop a bad guy with only a paper clip, an elastic and some gum?  Sure, you watched it (I know you did).  And what does MacGyver have to do with crafting?  Everything!  When a tool or gadget doesn't work, the enterprising crafter improvises a la MacGyver.

The regular crochet hook can be a wee uncomfortable.  My preference is a thicker shaft, especially with the smaller hook sizes.  Problem: what to wrap round the hook?  Solution: pencil grips. 
Pencil Grips
Even though the center of the pencil grip is too wide for the hook, plain old masking tape (to thicken the shaft and provide a non-slip surface) works well.  Then slip the pencil grip over the hook.  Viola:
MacGyvered Hooks
Sure it's not elegant or perfect, but it works--although rest assured I'll be looking for a set of ergonomic hooks whenever I head into the city (I saw some at the Mary Maxim website, but I want to feel the hooks in my hand to make sure they feel comfortable). 

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Just One Thanks

Sock that is.  Just one sock. It's very pretty and nicely striped.  You may recall I started it back at the end of April.

One Blue Sock--Just One

I can't remember when I finished this one . . . maybe a few weeks ago?  It was a quick knit (gotta love worsted!) And I even tried a new toe.  Instead of my usual kitchenered toe, the pattern called for a star toe where there are evenly spaced decreases in the round.   Interesting, huh?  Definitely good to expand one's sock repertoire.  And there's more I need to learn . . . but that's for another day.

Star Toe

Normally I cast on for the second sock right away, but I've seriously gotta finish my current Bernat project.  It's a gift for a wee babe that'll soon be among us (and no, it's not mine.  My baby-makin' days are over) . . . so, it would nice if the baby's new outfit were finished.  Sadly I can't show it to you here--at least not yet (But just between me and you, if you go over to my Ravelry project links, you can find some in-progress photos).

Hope you're having a good weekend and that the week's a good one for you. 
Later :)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Flowery Goodness
For all the moms out there . . . well, you know in your heart and soul what makes you a mother.  No pretty poems or pithy phrases can truly encompass motherhood: the sleepless nights, the worries and daily cares living along-side the laughter, the hugs and daily joys.

Hope the day finds you under sunny skies, surrounded with your loved ones.  Have a good one :)

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Cushions and Frogs

Don't get it?  Think "ripit, ripit, ripit".  Ah yes, the frog pond.  Buoyant with my recent FO, I decided to tackle some WIPs that had been piling up, in particular my beloved sofa cushion cover.  The chesterfield is looking mighty, mighty sad--at least the cushions are.

My most recent attempt at creating a cushion cover ended up in the frog pile.  It just wasn't working out on many levels:
1) scratchy yarn (think hot humid summer days, bare skin and scratchy wool--me thinks not a good combo).
2) also not enjoying the stitch pattern (and the wee boo-boos). 
So I frogged the whole thing--ripit, ripit, ripit.

Instead I found some acrylic that was softer in feel.  Also found a ripple stitch pattern that I'd used in a Bernat project (once memorized, the pattern was quite relaxing).  Psyched to make this project work, I actually did some math (I know!  How weird is that?) to figure how long to make my foundation chain. 
New and Improved Cushion Cover
Once started, the project grew fairly quickly. . . until I started a couple of new projects: another pair of socks and my next Bernat project.  Actually I need to finish the later ASAP (there's a baby involved and it would be nice to have the project completed before mom goes on maternity).  For now my cushion cover will have to wait--but not for long ('cuz the sofa is very, very sad).

So much to make.  So little time ('cuz I waste it over on Facebook playing in my wee virtual restaurant, but 'nuff 'bout that.  It's a healthy obsession, right?  Wait.  Don't answer).

Hope your weekend is a good one :)
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