Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Little Crochet

I've been busy with me hook.  First off, meet my newest friend: Toadette.  I opted not to give her a vest.  And I used little buttons painted black for eyes.  Essentially she's finished except for the braids--they're so small and fiddly, but she'll get them nevertheless.  In fact there are little people in the house who will ensure she gets properly finished.
She's a wee bit smaller than the other Toads I've made.  Checking Ravelry, I noticed my previous projects used a larger hook..  So I started another Toadette using a larger hook.

This second Toadette is gonna be a lovely raspberry colour.  Resorted to using Patons Classic Wool 'cuz I couldn't find anything comparable in cotton (and I wasn't sure I wanted to use acrylic--I know.  My name is acrylic-girl.  Go figure).  Haven't quite finished all the pieces, although all the major components are complete.
Toadette the Second
I probably would have finished it if not for another project.  One of my co-workers is expecting a baby girl soon.  So I started a baby project: a wee hat and matching booties.  I tried one hat pattern that sadly turned out too big.  On the plus side it fit my niece rather well.  Happy someone will use it.
Toddler/Preschool Summer Hat
The hat is a free pattern called "Rose is Rose" over at Pickles & Ice Cream.  I'm sure the pattern could be easily adjusted to fit a newborn head, but I wasn't prepared to do the math.

Instead I opted to try another free pattern (Ravelry link) called McKinley's Springtime Hat.  Thus far it is working out much smaller than the previous one.  So I'm hoping this pattern will be a good newborn size.
Newborn Hat
Once I finish the hat, I'll tackle the booties.  Hopefully I can then finish my Toadette.  And after that, I can tackle the rest of the amigurumi requests . . . whew!

Have a great week. :)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

An Ending and a Beginning

So I finally have an FO to share!  Say hello to my new socks.
Finished Toe-Up Ribbed Socks
These were a pair I started before the holidays (remember my first toe-up socks?  I had used Liat Gat's Beginner's Toe-Up Socks). These blue socks are a much better fit than my first fingering pair.  I made a few changes from the last pair (even though I've essentially used the same pattern).
Perfect Fit
Here's a list of my modifications:

  • first I used smaller needles; 2.75mm made a snugger fit than 3.25mm
  • eliminated the cuff altogether and just worked my K3P1 rib till the end
  • to ensure a loose bind-off, I worked the last round using 3.25mm needles and I also cast off with the bigger needles

When I cast off the last stitch, I had decided no more socks.  But now that I'm wearing them, I wanna make more.  They don't have to be finished right away; and they do make a wonderful portable project, especially when I need a mindless activity.  Guess I better look through the stash for more sock yarn.  And I think I'm gonna peruse my patterns too.  It'll be nice to try something different.

As you may surmise, my socks represent "an ending" to a project I started in December (can't believe its been that long!).  As for "the beginning", take a gander at this sight:  what was once tall dried grass and brush is now a plowed field.
Overgrown Grass and Brush

Plowed Field
I just love it!  Not only did our neighbour plow under all the growth with his tractor, he also added some cow poop--its a farmer's black gold!  A day later, he came back to till the soil.  Now it's just so beautiful!  I love it!  I'm so excited to get planting.  Just hafta wait for all our ordered seeds to arrive (the chickens will be coming soon too . . . squeee!). 
Front Flower Bed
Even the front of the house is getting a re-make.  What was once an over-grown bush has been cut back severely.  The area has been expanded too.  I must have dug up hundreds of rocks--great big ones!  Used the rocks to make a border round the newly expanded flower bed.  Not sure yet what's gonna go in there, but I'll be visiting the local nurseries soon to check out their perennials. 

Hope your week is a good one!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Spring . . . .

Yup, spring is coming.  And although I didn't get 'round to planting bulbs last fall (too busy with the move and the unpacking), a few pretty flowers have sprouted.
Crocuses in Grass
Rest assured I'll be planting plenty of bulbs come this fall.  It's certainly been fun dreaming and planning 'bout the big flower bed out front.

I noticed a few other things growing 'round the yarn.  Don't recognize the blue flowers below.  They look almost purple-blue and are star-shaped.
Mystery Flower
And I'm not sure what's sprouting here.  I seriously doubt they're tulips 'cuz the leaves are lighter in colour and thicker . . . I'll be watching closely.
Mystery Plant
Sadly I have done little crafting this weekend (although my socks and amigurumi are almost done).  I managed to dig up a million rocks in the front flower bed; hung clothes on the line outside; finished some overdue paperwork for work and managed to finish my taxes and hubby's without having a brain implosion.

Hope your weekend was a good one too. :)

Sunday, April 8, 2012


Chick with Eggs
Having an egg-cellent day!  Hope you're enjoying your Easter weekend with family and friends too (and yes, that is snow outside *grumble, grumble*).   

In spite of the weather, I love long weekends.  Even more so since we've moved to the country.  There's always something to do: blogging, crafting and baking; some gardening (getting the flowerbeds cleaned up); and always cleaning and re-organizing (when is one truly "moved in"?  Is it when the very last box disappears?  Suffice to say we're not quite there yet.).

Have a good one! :D

Sunday, April 1, 2012

More Amigurumi

Yup, still crochetin'.  And still makin' more amigurumi.  This time I'm making a cute little Toadette.  I just love how happy--and pink--she is.  She exudes such joy.
The Real Toadette
Most of her body parts are complete--except for the little balls needed to create her braid.  I'm hoping to get her stuffed and assembled during the week.
Yarny Toadette in Pieces
I've used this pattern before to make a pair of Toads for my boys a few years ago.  Perhaps you may remember these little fellas:
The Toads
Recently those Toads have started blogging 'bout their adventures in the farmhouse and living in the country Please check out their blog called Mushrooms and Octopi.   It's rather silly, but me and the boys get a kick out of reading it.

Strangely enough Toadette will be a wee bit smaller than the Toads.  For some reason I'm using a smaller hook.  Instead of 5.0mm used in the original project, I'm using 4.0mm.  Even though I'm using essentially similar yarn, the smaller hook size has changed my gauge--go figure how gauge can do that.
Waiting to be Assembled
Originally I'd used Red Heart Super Saver for the Toads.  I'm still using that yarn in the tan, but the rest is being done with Bernat Baby Cakes (sadly this yarn looks like its discontinued).  I definitely recommend a cotton or cotton-blend for amigurumi as it is less likely to pill.  Plain ol' acrylic generally works well unless the recipient will hug their toy.  All that lovin' eventually leads to pills.  Some acrylics are better than others, but best to use a cotton or cotton blend (FYI: Cthulhu is all cotton-blend although I suspect he won't get hugged too much--although maybe I'm wrong.  Maybe hubby gives him hugs when I'm not looking . . . ).

By the way, the pattern is a free one designed by Linda Potts (aka WolfDreamer).  Check it out over at Ravelry or go directly to the website Wolfdreamer where the designer has lots of other Mario and Pokemon characters for the intrepid crocheter.  Her instructions are very clear and easy to follow.

Here's hoping there's a new critter in the family come next week. ;)
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