Sunday, September 29, 2013

Up to My Eyeballs

No, not up to my eyeballs in yarn (I wish!!).  Rather up to my eyeballs in homework: lectures to watch, chapters to read, notes to study and research . . . ugh!  Remind me not to take TWO courses at the same time.  So NOT doin' that again.
Meanwhile, I can soothe my jagged nerves by looking at the garden.  Check out my sunflowers. 
Tall Sunflowers
Soooooo tall--love 'em!  The tallest one has got to be over 2 meters.  I purposely planted them close to the deck so they could be anchored to the railings.  
Black-eyed Susans
My sunflowers are surrounded by wildflowers.  Lovely blooms erupted in red, white, purple and blues.  Definitely planting these wildflowers again.  Most are now spent, but the black-eyed susans are still in bloom.  And they're lovely.

Have a good week! :)

Sunday, September 15, 2013

About the Costume

I finally tried it on.  Verdict: the fit is good.  I made no real modifications and have worked the pattern as written for the large size (learned from first version that a top like this needs zero or negative ease). With the waist shaping and ribbing complete, I'm on the home-stretch, so to speak.  My focus now rests on making room for my ample hips, so yes there will be extra increases.  As well, I'm adding extra length too.  
Pink Bombshell In-Progress
I'm still debating whether to use the seed stitch hem as written.  I saw some versions on Ravelry that used alternate stitch patterns.  Maybe I need to consult my stitch dictionary . . . As for the neckline and sleeves, I am seriously contemplating ribbing to "tighten" the fit.
Back View
As for the skirt, my sister-in-law found matching fabric in a local shop.  I just need to find a place that sells paper patterns so I can sew the skirt.  Two local businesses used to sell sewing patterns; neither sells them anymore.  I may have to travel to the next town over unless someone here can direct me to a Canadian online outlet selling Simplicity or Butterick patterns. Anyone?

There's still the matter of the wig, but I know the cap fits.  It's just a matter adding the "hair". . . Less than two months left!

Monday, September 9, 2013

School's In

 Back to the books!
photo courtesy of
Besides working full-time, caring for a family and dabbling on the family hobby farm, I'm now back "at school".  Last year I tested the waters--so to speak--and stuck to one course per semester.  This year I've upped the ante.  Instead of one course, I've enrolled in TWO courses this semester (developmental psychology and intro sociology/anthropology).  My one concern: When will I knit?!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Back to Bombshell

Bombshell in Progress
So progress continues on the hot pink Bombshell.  Thus far, I've reached the ribbed waistband.  Twenty more rows and then I start increasing for the hip--not too far to go, eh?  Although I must confess that I will add length because my first version was shorter than I prefer to wear.  The sleeves require very little work too, although I may add a few extra rounds of stocking stitch (perhaps decreasing?) before adding edging.
Another View
Confession time: not really loving the yarn, although I've used it in other colours for blankets and baby clothing without complaint.  Still, I chose the yarn for price and not feel. The top is meant to be a costume.  Hope my gamble pays off . . . 
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