Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sticks and Hooks

Despite all the time spent on knitting my big project (which is almost done--just needs button bands), I managed to sneak in some knitting on the red mittens.  They're not done yet, but they should be done in a week even with sporadic attention.

I really do prefer the Bernat pattern to the one from Knit Simple.  The final product looks nicer and is much easier to adapt for a larger hand.  The one from Knit Simple looked too small (especially the thumb), but that may have been a result of my yarn substitution (and we won't mention my gauge issues, LOL).

And I started my crochet project.  Just to get back in the hook of things (oops, that's a bad one), I made a practise square on some scrap yarn.  Funny how your fingers remember what to do.  Feels like the hook never left my hand.  So I've been busily searching for crochet resources and found tons in one of the crochet groups on Ravelry.  One good site to visit for the basics is Lion Brand .  And check out Crochet Cabana for more tutorials.  For more links, check out Crochet

Happy hooking :)

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