Sunday, April 9, 2017

Life from Death

So much has happened that I'm not sure where to begin . . . . . . .
When he was a cool dude . . .
Initially I was busy with school and also with preparing a challenge for, not one or two, but seven course!  Lots of work!  I finished the course and am waiting to find out about the course challenges.  
Nonno loved spending time with all his grandchildren

Meanwhile my dad who had been ill for some time finally gave up the ghost to cancer.  He was almost 77.  It's been a process and a journey and I am so grateful for the opportunity to get home with my family and spend time with them.  And that we had a chance to share our grief and say goodbye. 
Mum & dad at happier times

I'll just leave you with some memories: 

How do you sum up the life of a man whom we loved with all our hearts and souls?  How can you reduce a lifetime to a few short paragraphs?

My father would have found the words!  He was a man who loved to talk & share stories.  Making friends came easily to him & he developed friendships with many people, feeling comfortable around anyone and everyone.

What do I remember about our father? 
I remember being three & feeling so shy and overwhelmed.  I buried my head in his lap.  I felt safe.  Protected.  No harm would come to me.  He would be there to care for us.  Always

I remember the silly little things.  The horsey-back rides & the tickle fights where we laughed so hard, we felt as if our sides would explode.

I remember his veggie garden!  Even now, I can see him standing in the middle of his magnificent "gardino", surveying its progress & watering the "tinnirumi" and the "pomodori".  And always he had plenty to share.  With everyone.

I remember the long talks--and sometimes heated arguments--at the supper table after everyone finished eating.  We felt as if we had managed to solve the world's problems . . . 

I remember dad surprising me by picking me up from kindergarten.  Instead of going home, we ended up at the "billardo" where he treated me to pop & chips. 

And I remember all the long "passeggiare" along St Clair Ave where we'd look at shop windows.  Eventually we'd stop at the bakery or one of cafes and get a "gelato".

I remember him taking aside my then fiance to give him "the talk" before the wedding--just so he knew "what was what".  And I remember him telling me that he just couldn't do the father-daughter dance 'cuz it would've been too hard.  He wouldn't have the strength to get through it without falling apart.

These little moment make my soul happy.  They bring us peace and comfort.  So while our hearts swell with sadness, reminiscing about our shared joys & little moments of happiness fill us with hope.

Farewell :(
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