Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Knitting . . .

Almost ready to cast off the body . . . 

Looks good from behind too.

Now if I could just need find my other 5.0mm circular needle to work the sleeves . . . .

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Something New

I had meant to post about a new project last weekend.  But you know how it is when life throws you a couple of curves.  Between finishing my last project, helping my son with his project and getting started on my taxes . . . well, you can just imagine how much time or energy I had left.  Nil to be exact.
New project using a mega ball of Red Heart Super Saver
So I'm posting this now to let you know you that yes, I have been knitting.  I just have no updated progress photos to share.  
Pattern Detail
The project is the Baby Sophisticate (Ravelry link).  It's a lovely pattern knit from the top down.  And it looks . . . well, it looks sophisticated for a baby sweater.

I've made this before as a gift for one of my nephews many moons ago (check out my blog posts from 2009 or see my  Ravelry entry  for more details).  I remember it being an enjoyable knit and the finished sweater was rather cute.  Thus far I've cast on and worked most of the body.  With such good progress, here's hoping the project gets completed soon.

Sunday, April 12, 2015


Old Slippers-one pair inside another
These were my husband's old slippers.  Not bad looking--until you turn them over.
Lotta holes!
Yup, those slippers were in a bad way.
Cushiony man slippers
Now look at these new ones, all clean and pouffy--very comfortable and warm.  And no holes.
Clean. soft and new
Nice, huh?  'Nuff said. ;)

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Egg Day

Hope you and your family had a nice Egg Day.
photo courtesy of
We've been hit by illness: some of us were sick while others were recovering.  So it was a quiet Easter Sunday, spent in pajamas under blankets on the couch.  Here's hoping everyone gets well soon.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

And Then There Was . . .

A slipper!  Not an ordinary slipper, but one made with love and care.  For someone special. ;)
First slipper--all finished!
My hubby tried on the first one and it fit--quite well, I might add.  So I proceeded with the second one and actually finished all the knitting.  I just need to seam it and weave in the ends.
Almost two slippers--almost . . . 
Sadly I have been unable to muster up the energy or the time to finish the last bits.  I'm swamped with school work--right up to the end.  I'm looking at April 22 with great joy--it's my official "end date".  Then I'll be free to  knit to my heart's content. Three more weeks . . . 
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