Sunday, February 26, 2012

And Now for Some Knittin'

Rest assured there is still knittin' in the house.  I can happily reveal that one sleeve of my Bohus Redux is complete!
One Completed Sleeve
It's not exactly like the inspiration piece the Bountiful Bohus.  I opted for a straight sleeve instead of a bell shape and I also lengthened it.  There's nothing worse than having a chill, grabbing a sweater and still feeling cold as you struggle to pull the sleeves down to your wrists.

I'm also working on a pair of socks in fingering weight.
Woolen Socks in Fingering Weight
I can't remember when I started these, but they're very close to being finished.   Once completed, I may have to make a few worsted socks.  There's nothing like a woolen pair of worsted socks to warm one's toesies on a cold February's eve. 

Have a great week!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

The One About the Mouse (Or a Tale of Kitchen Security)

Welcome to my world where mice roam freely and mock openly. Seriously.
Mouse courtesy of Google
Meet my furry friend Twitchy.  A wee bit skittish, but super friendly.  He decided to make an appearance a few nights ago. I was checking the fire in the wood stove when I noticed him over by the wood pile.  He was aiming to climb the chimney, but my instincts took over as I attempted to catch the little critter--with a dish towel no less!  Suffice to say I was not very successful in my quest as the little guy scurried back into the safety of  the wood pile.
By now you're probably wondering what happened to my cat.  Rest assured I was wondering the same thing too.  As everyone lay asleep in their beds (did I mention it was 2am), I softly called for "killer".  At the same time I kept one eye on the wood pile in case Twitchy decided to make another run for the chimney (who knew mice could easily climb brick).

In a moment of brilliance, I rushed off for the cat's food dish.  Once back at the wood stove, I gave the bowl a good shake and then placed it by the wood.  Sure enough Patches made her appearance.  Alas, she showed no interest in the wood pile and the mouse was staying hidden.  Of course whenever the cat strolled out,  Twitchy would poke out his cute furry nose.  That was it!  I donned the fire gloves and attempted to catch the furry guy with my own hands.

By now an hour had passed (time flies when you're having fun).  And I was none too pleased with the mouse or the cat.  And then it happened: Twitchy poked out his head when Patches caught sight of it. Off she ran as quick as lightning.  The mouse didn't have a chance. Patches caught her in less than five minutes (and she doesn't eat it; instead she likes to play with her food.  
Swirling Toilet
I wasn't taking any chances.  I scooped the critter out of Patches' mouth (my cat growls like a dog when she's got a critter in her mouth--go figure).  Twitchy must have been playing dead 'cuz he was motionless until I threw him into the toilet (I know it sounds cruel, but I grew squeamish at the thought of breaking his little neck with my hands).  As I watched the water swirl, the water level rose--damn, the toilet was clogged!  Let me tell you that it is hard to plunge a toilet with a wee mouse scrambling to swim out (and he almost made it out too!).  Thankfully the water finally swished away, taking the mouse with it.
Mouse on a Toilet
'Nuff said.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Winter Blahs

View Outside my Kitchen Window
Seems to me that 'bout this time every year, I get the winter blahs--that "when-is-winter-going-to-end" feeling ( see hereand here, and some here).  Doesn't help that we had a wallop of a storm yesterday that disabled my internet connection (I can live without TV, but please don't take away my interwebs!).
Winter Wonderland
Granted that all that snow looks pretty as it coats the branches and blankets the world in a quiet hush . . . but still . . . its winter!

So whilst the snow falls and swirls outside my window, I dream about springtime, garden beds  and seeds.  Oh the things I'll grow!
Seed Catalogues
Gardening Magazines

Hope your weekend is less snowy than mine.  Have a good one.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Ode to Bohus Redux

Oh Bohus Redux,
How do I love thee?
Let me knit your stitches,
straight and true.
Loop through loop,
surely you do grow
just as the snow falls
lo this long cold day

Yup, she's a-growing (the sleeve is actually further along than pictured above).  As for adhering to a deadline, I have given up.  It is an exercise in futility. Slowly but surely I will complete this project.  Although, my plan to return to school part time come April means that all outstanding WIPs need to reach completion, lest they stay unfinished forever.

Have a good weekend! :)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Not Impressed

"Old" Slippers
With the yarn, that is.  Remember those lovely slippers I made?  Sure my slippers look a little worn.  That's to be expected.  
"Holey" Soles
But this is not acceptable!  They have holes in the soles!  Seriously!  The yarn I'd used had been something someone gifted me a few years ago for Christmas.  I had hoped to use the rest of it for more slippers for the family, but not if the darn thing can't stand up to normal wear and tear.
Beginnings of New Slippers
So I was forced to search through my stash for something more durable.  I decided to twin Bernat Chunky with indestructible Phentex Slipper Yarn (mainly because I had enough of each colour).  I cast on for new slippers using the same wonderful pattern (after all it wasn't the fault of the pattern if the yarn wasn't up to snuff).  Thankfully the pattern works up quickly.  The Chunky and Phentex made a wonderfully cushiony sole which will hopefully last the rest of the year. 
New Soles
I opted to work the tops using only only Bernat Chunky 'cuz working too strands would have made the slipper too big (and I honestly didn't have it in me to tweak numbers).  I suppose I could have opted to just use Phentex for the upper, but we'll see how the Chunky holds out (luckily Phentex is readily available locally).
Top of New Slipper
And nothing beats the cold dampness of winter better than warm, cozy slippers. Of course a warm fire helps too.
Finished Slippers
Now that my toes are once again toasty, I can focus on more interesting crafty endeavors.  Back to my WIPs.
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