Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Ubiquitous Dish Cloth (and Other Cotton Tales)

So the crocheting continues here at casa d'Acrylic Girl.  Looking through the growing stash, I came across some leftover Bernat Handicrafter Cotton from a toy project I made a few years back.

Have you been not been formally introduced?  The yellow fellow with the jaunty beret is our resident Francophone.  Meet Pierre, also know as French Bear (have I mentioned that my kids name their toys?).
French Bear (aka Pierre)

The pattern had come from Debbie Bliss' Knitted Bears.  Loved the pictures of the cute bears in lovely costumes, but intensely disliked the fiddly patterns with lots of pieces to sew (have I mentioned I dislike sewing?).  The one good thing about the project is that I "cut my teeth" on various knitting techniques and finishing.  I also learned to dislike garter stitch and worsted cotton . . .until today.  

Generally worsted cotton can be hard on the hands, especially when knitting.  But for crochet?  Well, its not too bad, especially when working a small project (like the items pictured below). 
Matching Dish Cloth and Dish Soap Apron

With my handy dandy hook, I finished a simple dishcloth and a dish soap apron. Does dish soap need an apron? Maybe not, but it sure does look cute. N'est pas?  Both patterns came from a Bernat booklet I picked up in the fall  for a dollar.  Both items allowed me to practise my crochet skills, especially decreasing and increasing.  And I need practice.

Adding a Splash of Colour at the Kitchen Sink

Happy hooking! ;)

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