Saturday, February 27, 2010

Additions to Knitting Library

Finally received some knitting books in the mail (fulfulling my Craft Book Club obligations--hee, hee).  I'd been eyeing both books for a while mainly because I wear cardigans.  A lot of cardigans!  I'm not a big pullover person 'cuz they can be very hot (and not in a good way).  The cardi option lets me whip off that extra warm layer if I get overheated (the unfortunate consequence of working in an old, old building that probably dates back to early 1900s if not earlier).

The first book is Simple Style
All the garments focus on a single design element such as the overall shape, colour, finished edging or a stitch pattern.  I also appreciate the simplified finishing and there's a section on how to simplify one's knitting.  This book is published by Interweave, the same people who bring you Interweave Knits (although a beautiful and inspiring magazine, I often find the patterns a wee bit too challenging).  So everything is well organized with schematics and close-up photos and the sizes go up to 50" (but not on all garments).  Of the 19 patterns included, there are 2 skirts, 1 jumper, 1 wrap, 6 sweaters, 2 vests, 1 sleeveless t-shirt and 6 cardigans.  Almost all are pretty, but I especially love, love the cardigans.

And while I'd love to make many of the items in the book, I've got two faves that I love:
Kokopelli Jacket

Offset Raglan
As to when I would find the time to make these lovely items is a question I cannot answer.  Still, there was much inspiration and knitting love after browsing the book.

The same cannot be said for my second book, Knitted Jackets.

Interweave also printed this book.  Except for a handful of items, I found many of the jackets lacking in style: too boxy, shapeless and unattractive.  Out of the 20 patterns offered, I'd only make 4: the cover jacket pictured above along with the three pictured below.
Northest Celtic

The Wrapper

Box Top

Despite the numerous disappointing designs, the book was still worth purchasing just to own  the above patterns.  Let's face it: I'm no designer and the four designs above I absolutely love.  What would be the cost of purchasing only those 4 patterns?  More than the $10 I paid for the book.  So for me, it was money well spent (gotta love "buy one, get 2nd half-off" book club offer).

What's in your knitting library?


  1. These books aren't in my knitting library, but I wish the first one was. I love the offset raglan. I tend to buy knitting books with at least one sweater in them I intend to knit. Lately, I've been using Ravelry for my knitting library.

  2. Allison, I tend to use Ravelry to find free patterns too(hurray for free patterns!). But if a book has 2 or more designs I like, then for me it's worth buying.


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