Sunday, May 15, 2016

About Ennui . . .

Progress of Keyhole Bow Tie Scarf
I must confess that when ennui sneaks up on me, I peruse Ravelry or rummage through my stash (especially the special yarns).  Something usually "speaks" to me so much so that I print off a pattern and immediately cast on.
Mainly garter stitch
Such was my mood last week. Not happy with my current WIPs, I cast on something new.  It's a keyhole bow tie from Knit Simple, Fall 2009.  It's been in my queue for ages.  Instead of worsted weight, I'm using chunky weight.
Detail of keyhole
Instead of the 30 sts indicated in the pattern, I cast on 20 sts. The finished width is supposed to be 5”.  Mine works out to just over 5” with 20 sts. And I'm loving the way the colour is mixing in the garter stitch.  Here's hoping I have enough yarn.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

A Day for Moms

Photo credit: bambe1964 via / CC BY-ND
Here in the Maritimes, the lobster fishing opens about a week or so before Mother's Day.  So in many communities, there are traditional lobster meals served on Mother's Day.   This afternoon, I will partake of this maritime tradition with family.
Photo credit: garryknight via / CC BY
As I enjoy my buttery crustacean with freshly baked rolls and green salad, I wilI give thanks for all that I have, modest as it seems.  There are those who have much less.  And although my own mom will be miles away, I want to extend a heartfelt thanks to all the mothers out there.  Thank for you for your time, your kind words, your hugs and most of all, your love. :)

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Happy Birthday

To me!
Photo courtesy of
We're gonna celebrate tomorrow night 'cuz one of my boys had band commitments. It was still a happy happy birthday. :D

Feeling thankful and very grateful for all the good people and all the good stuff in my life.  Also thankful for you.  Thanks for reading my thoughts and reflections on all things crafty.

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