Sunday, May 26, 2013

Organizing . . .

So I spent the rainy Saturday re-organizing my craft closet.  It's a nice big space, but stuff got dumped willy-nilly when we first moved in.  I had attempted to keep it organized, but more "stuff" kept getting dumped into the space.  Then yarn would come out--and it never quite made it back to the right spot--it was a mess!  So messy that I dared not photograph it for the fear it would instill to the viewer--seriously!  Some re-organization was in order.
First off, I emptied the whole space--and I can't believe how much stuff I have!  My scrapbook and art supplies stayed on the shelves, but my daycare stuff got pared down (its so easy to hang-on to bits of crafting items when sometimes it just needs to "go away").  Someday I'll get back to painting and scrapbooking (although I still make the odd gift album).

Sometimes you can forget what you have if you don't look at it . . . 
I had forgotten how much yarn there was in sweater quantities!   And I still love the colours.  Guess I better get crackin' . . . .!

After spreading my wares all over, I had to decide on the yarns to which I needed easy access (like my sock yarns and wool for mittens and hats). 
Those items I might not use for a year or more (donated or inherited acrylics) got put into a big tote and pushed to the back. It's odds and ends for toys, slippers or Christmas decor.
The stuff I was probably gonna use in the next few months went in totes closer to the front of the closet.  And all the wonderful artful and special yarns were moved to rolling drawers so they could be more easily accessed--just in case I needed to pet them or feel inspired.

I like the space much better and have a better idea of what I've got.  Now I can get back to finishing long-standing WIPs . . . I'll keep you posted. ;)

Monday, May 20, 2013

Trying to Finish . . .

My dishcloth diversions have been quick, small projects.  Now my thoughts have turned to larger, long-standing WIPs.  I'm been looking through them and decided to commit myself to finishing as many as possible.  Granted there are not too many relative to other knitters (hubby thinks I'm easily distracted, but there are knitters out there with loads more WIPs than me).
Finished Man-Sized Non-Felted Slipper
First off, there's hubby's slippers.  I had only to seam the bottoms and sides (and of course the ends had to be woven in).  The fit in the foot is good, but it needs more height 'round the ankle.  I think next time I use this pattern for man-sized feet, I'll have to add more rounds on the cuff.

There's an afghan I wanna finish, a teddy bear and a cardigan (it only needs one sleeve and button bands).  There is a woolen sock, but that can wait till late summer (since I probably won't need it till fall).  I'd love to make another baby cardi for my other niece but . . . Must. Stay. Focused!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Dishcloth Desires

Yeah, sometimes its the simplest item that brings out the creative side . . . especially if you've got a nice collection of scrap yarns, namely in cottons (mine are mostly Bernat Handicrafter Cotton).

I've already regaled you with laundry and water mishaps concerning my dishcloths.  Some have had to go the way of the trash can (it's pretty bad when a dishcloth can't even find a second career as a cleaning cloth).
First dishcloth in blue and white
To that end I started with one dishcloth (incidentally I really loved the contrast of blue against white . . . until the hard water got a hold it--grrrrrrr!).

That dishcloth led to another whose colour combo was less than exciting or even inspiring . . . 
Second cloth in less inspiring yellow and blue
Until I discovered a small stash of colourful scraps hiding out in the black hole known as my craft closet (I gotta re-organize my stuff, but I've been busy "spring-cleaning"  the dressers and closets) . . . 
Cotton Stash
Just love, love, love the colour combo (although there are lotta ends to weave).  Gotta make more in these colours and maybe even experiment with a different stitch pattern like a stripey waffle pattern.  I'll keep you posted.
Pretty Finished Dishlcoth
Have a good week!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day Greetings

To all the moms--and especially to my own mom . . . 
Tulips courtesy of Windows Sample Photos
For the tiny acts of kindness, the self-less giving and the gentle words of encouragement: these are the things that have given me strength, courage and hope to tarry on even in the face of adversity.  From the bottom of my heart, many thanks mom! 


Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sunshine and Such . . .

Ever have one of those days when you drop your knitting in the corner and venture outside? A day where the sun beckons you outdoors?  Well, this was one of those weekends, with glorious blue skies and warm sunshine.
Clothes drying outside
The clothes ventured on to the line for the first time since last fall.  So nice to wear clothes dried outside--they smell so fresh like sun on skin or freshly cut grass.
Front garden
And I finally managed to clean out the flower garden out front.  Lots of  broken branches and debris leftover from winter.  Life has sprung anew as the garden slowly awakens from its winter slumber: everything is sprouting, including the weeds!  
Dwarf Red Tulips
The garden looks so sparse.  I can hardly wait to get myself to the garden centre in search of new plants and flowers to fill in the empty spaces . . . 

Have a good week!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Country Time Spring?

The "girls"enjoying the sunshine
The "girls" are very pleased to be be outdoors.  The winter had been harsh on them.  Out of the original seven, only four remain . . . Guess we need to add to the flock.  We've gotten used to eatin' lots of eggs . . . 
Grass Gettin' Green
The grass is getting green, even if the trees haven't gone green yet.  At least we've had our share of sunshine--even if the temperatures have remained on the cool side.
Splashes of purple . . . 
And there's a lovely purple flower ground cover growing under the lilac bushes . . . very pretty.

Hope you're having a good week!
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