Sunday, July 29, 2012


Yes, I'm knitting!  And I'm so happy!  And there's so much to share . . . 
Green Phentex Slippers
First off, I never shared my green slipper.  It's very similar to my red slippers (which used the pattern Maggie's Slippers) except that this pattern is from an old Phentex leaflet (circa 1971).  One nice addition is a selvage or edging stitch--its a nice finishing touch.
Red Patons Sock
Second, I worked on--and actually finished!--one red sock.  And I do emphasize the word ONE.   Yes, I've gotta kitchener the toes, but all the knitting is done (No promises as to when I'll get 'round to casting on the second sock . . . ).
Garter Surprise
And finally, I started a new project---please don't sigh 'cuz I know you do it too.  There's lots of projects waiting to be finished, but you start a new one anyways.  This is . . . well, a little bit of a secret, but I'll share a little snippet of it.  And I'll give you a couple of hints: there's lots of garter and blocks of colour.  I must be one of the last people to attempt this project 'cuz over 1400 have made it and another 1445 have it in their queues.  I just hope I can keep it a secret . . .:S

Hope you have a great week!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Vacations and Homework and Books

Yup, its a mish-mash this week!  First off I'm on vacation.  You'd think I'd have loads of time knitting or crocheting.  Not so much.  Not even a little bit.  Instead I'm watching online lectures and reading my textbook in-between excursions to the beach and park with the kids (well at least I'm getting some fun time with the kids).  Instead of knitting and crocheting, I'm dragging along my textbook and binder.  At least my hard work is paying off: my first test mark was good--very good.  Not bad for an old broad working full-time, living on a farm and caring for her family.  I still has "smart-itude"!

At least I can spend my nights perusing some craft books I forgot to share.  Absolutely love Wendy Bernard's Custom Knits 2--well worth owning!  There are some cute patterns, but more important she addresses how to modify and change the pattern to suit size, age and even gender.

The other book I got was Shirley Paden's Knitwear Design Workshop.  Fair warning: there's a lot of math, but there's a lot of useful information about how to design your own sweater (based on your measurements and your swatches).  She starts with basic patterns and then teaches you how to modify and change the design.  My only complaint is that the book focuses on sweater pieces rather than knitting in the round.  Still, it is a useful primer.

I fear that for now my craft time is nil.  Maybe once I've finished my course at the end of August, I can squeeze in some knitting--at least until my next course starts in September!

Sunday, July 15, 2012


So I forgot to mention that we got a piggy.  She's just a wee piggy for now.  She'll be ready for slaughter come fall.
Wee Piggy getting used to her surroundings
But my heavens she is the cutest little thing!  
Smile pretty :)
It'll be hard turning her into pork chops and bacon.  I suspect she won't be too pretty come fall.  Hopefully she'll feed us through the winter.

We should have enough meat in the freezer once we add the chickens.  The girls have gotten big--and they're ready for the slaughter.  Some time this week, the men-folk will be tackling the messy job.
Meat chickens in their movable coop
And of course there's the veggie garden which is growing like gang-busters.  The lettuce (foreground) is doing well, as is the corn (in the back to the right). 

Veggie Garden

The potato plants are huge!  Hope that fairs well for the potatoes growing underground.
Laundry on the line
It hasn't even been a year yet, but there's been so much activity the past few weeks.  Slowly but surely we're getting used to farm life.  

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Back to School

So while my kids are enjoying the first week of summer vacation, I'm busy with homework and a project for my online psychology course.  My plan is to eventually end up with a degree in Child Studies, but for now I'm working on my first course--and its been years since I was last in school!
My Psych Textbook
Thus far, I've been diligent.  Every night after work, I study the material whether its reading, making notes or watching my class.  But doubts creep into my brain:  Will I remember everything for the test?  Am I still smart enough?  Can I write a paper that sounds semi-intelligent?  Or will my brain suddenly implode?  Its tough being a 40-something working mom going back to school part-time . . . 

And nary a craft has been attempted this past week.  No time for knitting or crochet, although I do confess to attending knit night (a welcome indulgence).  Sadly that was the extent of my crafting ventures.
Crochet Tote
At least my school bag looks neat.  I made this tote a few years ago for the Blog Bernat (can't believe it was in 2010).  Its the perfect size for my text, binder and pencil case.  There's no liner, but I suppose one could easily insert one--if one could sew.

Here's hoping you have a good week.  You know what I'll be doin'.  ;)

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Happy Canada Day

Finished Slippers
Enjoying my finished slippers. The fit is good, although I think I could go up a needle size next time.
Which one looks neater?
Notice the seaming?  The one on the left is messier, while the one on the right is much neater.  No matter.  These will fit the bill nicely.
Canadian Flag
I'll be sure to enjoy them on this Canada Day weekend (so I guess they are appropriately coloured).  Hope you are having a great Canada Day weekend!
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