Saturday, April 30, 2011

An FO of Sorts

Lone Button on Blue Sprout
Sure its only got one button (it needs 5 more to be sewn on--and the buttons are patiently waiting to join their mate on the button band), but for all intents and purposes, my Blue Sprout is finished.  Yay!  I could wear it out if I wanted to (honestly, the muggles won't know that it needs 5 more buttons).
It took a while, but what a relief to finally finish.  Yay me! :)

Only two things make me sad:
1) I was heavier when I first cast on, so its a wee big.  I would have made it one size smaller if I were to cast on today.  But no worries.  Loved the pattern (Ravelry link) so much, that I'll definitely make another one--for sure!
2) Loved working with Red Heart's Cotton Twist.  It's a really nice cotton (not stiff at all) with a bit of drape.  Sadly can't find it locally anymore.  Time to look for a Canadian online source  . . .

Next order of business is to finish my growing list of WIPs. ;) 

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Whimsy

I'm hoping you're all enjoying the Easter weekend--and that the weather has been cooperative wherever you are.  It finally feels like spring in my corner of the world which prompted a walk about the neighbourhood.  We don't really decorate for the holiday, but it was fun to enjoy some of our neighbours' Easter whimsy.
Colourful Mesh Bunny with Faux Jellybean Necklace

Dancing Ballet Bunny
And of course we've been busy dyeing eggs.  Not too many, but it was fun to share with my little niece.  Sadly some of the eggs cracked--but I'm sure they'll still be tasty.
Coloured Eggs
Have a great Easter weekend!

Friday, April 22, 2011

More Socks

Working the Cuff
So I started another pair of socks--in worsted weight 'cuz I just lurve them so!  You know this means I'm addicted, right?  I've already professed my love of worsted socks.  I think its because they are quick projects.   
Growing Sock
They work up so quickly!  I'm using more Bernat Jacquards.  Only time will tell how well the Jacquards wears.  The pattern is Glenna C's Weekend Socks (Ravelry link).  Initially avaliable in Canadian Living Nov 2010 issue, its currently available for free on the Canadian Living website.  Actually, a search on Ravelry will turn up a ton of worsted weight patterns.  And if you're the creative type, own a stitch dictionary and find a good basic pattern, you could modify and create your own . . . ha, but I'm not so ambitious. 

And I'm guessing that once I finish this pair, I'll have to dig through my stash of fine weight for more socks.  There's a quite a bit of Patons Kroy in one of my yarn tubs.  Sock knitting is just so portable. And right now, my other projects are less portable (more on those later).

Enjoy your day :)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Blooming :)

They finally bloomed!  Remember those wee little green specks that were merely poking out of the ground last week?  What a difference a week makes!
Pretty in Purple
Even the temporary cold blast couldn't stop them (-12C last night and yes, that is a minus sign.  It was snowing yesterday!  I kid you not!).  My lovely crocuses have sprouted and are now in bloom.  Tomorrow should bring warmer temperatures, even if accompanied by rain.
Lovely Yellow
Spring dangles the promise of new life, fresh starts and summery warmth.  Ah, nothing like a spring day to bring on new hope and renewed happiness.  Hope you're having a good one! :)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sock Love :)

Finished my worsted socks.  And they make me very happy :)  

Stripey Socks

I realize they don't quite match, but I was working with a finite amount of yarn . . . so they're slightly mismatched.  I can live with it.

I'm loving how fast worsted weight works up, but now I'm itching to make a pair in a finer weight.   Hmmm . . . Maybe after I finish one more pair of worsted.  They're just too addictive :)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

There's Proof

Gradually the big piles of snow have melted (although there has been white stuff on the ground a few mornings that thankfully disappeared by mid-day).  The only remaining stuff is leftovers of the biggest of the big snow piles.
Leftover Snow
Spring is supposed to be here (afterall it is April), but I never quite believe it until I find some proof.  And today I actually found some proof. Viola!
Sprouting Crocuses (or Croci?)
Now it should be told that my wee front garden only recently lost the heap of snow covering it.  The front garden gets little sun (just some rays in the AM).  So my plants aren't as far along as my neighbour's.
Neighbour's Garden
Bring it on.  Bring on the Springtime! :D

Saturday, April 2, 2011

All About the Buttons

Soooooo hard to find decent buttons in town.  My other option is to:
a) go traipsing off to the big city (um, not gonna happen since a 2 to 3 hour drive for a handful of buttons seems wasteful)
b) order online (but sometimes matching colours is a challenge and honestly I wouldn't know where to look)
c) horde as many buttons as I can whenever I see them (that includes craft buttons and bags of assorted buttons as well as hand-me-downs from other crafters).

I have chosen option (c).  And usually it works out.  Usually.
Button Bonanza
And yes, that is my lovely Blue Sprout (Ravelry link) from last fall.  It sooooo wants to be finished.  And I want to wear it.  Now the real challenge will be to find six buttons of the same colour and shape. Wish me luck ;)
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