Saturday, February 6, 2010

Greetings from the Deep Freeze

Snow, Close-Up and Personal
(from unknown photographer in wallpaer torrent)

The joys of a Canadian winter!  With frigid temperatures all week (not a fan of -29 C wind chill), I haven't been able to walk to work.  Missing that little bit of daily exercise.  It was my time to think, ponder and enjoy the relative quiet (minus the passing traffic).

Poor kiddies at school have been out sporadically this week, whenever the sun shone and the wind died down.  And my toddlers at daycare haven't been out at all (although surprisingly they haven't been too shack-wacky). 

How's winter treating you in your neck of the woods? 

The good news: February is a short month and the days are getting longer.  Conclusion: spring's just around the corner!

Moon Rising
(photographer unknown from wallpaper torrent)


  1. It's true. February is usually the coldest month of the winter season, but it's a month I look forward to because it's all downhill from here.

    I hear this coming week looks promising for warmer temps... hang it there!

    Jack ♥

  2. Yes, this week has been good in terms of warmer temps--yay! I was able to walk in the mornings and the kiddies got out--just in time to off-set the sugar highs from Valentine's weekend, LOL


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