Friday, October 2, 2009

What's This?

Nice ribbing, eh? Can you guess what this is?   I'm using Bernat Worsted and I'm still on the fence.  Other Bernat products such as the Chunky and Softee have felt incredibly soft and have worn well despite numeorus trips through the washer and dryer.  But the Worsted doesn't feel soft, although it is quite smooth (not at all scratchy like Red Heart Super Saver); oddly enough, it tends to be rather stiff for an acrylic.  In fact, I'd almost swear it feels like a worsted cotton.

Can you guess what would be made in the round in worsted weight?  Here's a hint:  in a few days, my cuff turned into this (see below).

Is it some strange instrument of torture? Or perhaps some hideous device for destruction?

Or even more sinister, the remnant of some mutant frankenstein-like creature born out of the tangled fibery remains at the bottom of the yarn basket? Franken-mitten! Aaaaaaaah!

All kidding aside, its the Manly Fingerless Gloves (another Rav link and its a free pattern).  Still, my mitt looks really twisted.  It started innocently enough as a ribbed cuff in the round.  I even got as far as the thumb gusset when I realized it was way too big.  When I checked the pattern, I realized I was using the wrong size!  Pattern called for 3.25mm but I was using 4.00mm.  Ugh!  Doubly sad since I've worked this pattern before.  So my first attempt at second pair of fingerless gloves went to the frog pond.  That wasn't as bad as discovering the unravelled mess of yarn barf inexplicably got tangled.  That never happens to me!  An hour of my time wasted!

Despite my woes, I re-started on needles that were much smaller (used 2.75mm for cuff and then switched to 3.00mm).  And all is progressing well thus far.  Still, I can't help but wonder if the yarn is cursed . . . 

Happy knitting where ever you are :)

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