Saturday, October 10, 2009

Not Feelin' the Love

So I've been slowly (and I do mean VERY slowly) making some headway on all the Christmas knitting. For each project, there's been something that I've truly enjoyed: the yarn or the pattern (sometimes both) or perhaps its learning a new technique.

With my most recent project (a cabled rib scarf pictured above) I can't seem to find anything that "speaks" to me.  I'm just not feelin' the love.  And I'm not sure why.

It's the same Bernat Worsted I'm using for the  Fingerless Gloves, but since its at a looser gauge, the fabric definitely feels softer and more drapey (makes sense since I'm using 3.0mm for gloves, but 6.5mm for scarf).  Unfortunately the nice striping obscures some of the cabling detail.  Should I drop the cable pattern and just make a ribbed scarf?  Hmmm . . .

Part of me just doesn't want to frog and cast on yet again.  I think I cast-on and ripped out about 5 times. :O  Finally on the sixth try, I managed to finish row one.  Of course then I messed up some of the cables by "accidently" cabling too soon (maybe I should have been keeping track of the rows).  Perhaps a sign from the knitting gods that the project might be doomed?  

To make matters worse, I can't find the same colorway.  Its called Granite and its discontinued as far as I can tell.  Me thinks this will be short scarf, more of an ascot (32-40")--unless I'm lucky enough to reach traditional scarf length (45-50").  Wish me luck.

Note: scarf lengths from Jane Davis' Knit Ponchos, Wraps and Scarves


  1. just a bit of a recommendation, though i completely understand not wanting to frog it AGAIN -- the cabling will make it shorter, and your observation that the yarn is obscuring your beautiful cable work is 100% correct.

    you could do a looser stitch with some yo's or something to lengthen the scarf. what about this: (ravlink) ?

    can't wait to see what you do!!!

  2. Thanks for your suggestion Knitinsage. I hadn't considered that the cables could shorten length. Although I couldn't use your link, I'm hesitant to use anything lacy since the recipient is a male. Still, I'm mulling it over. Perhaps a plain ribbing?

  3. plain ribbing would be great! it would also be reversible, a definite plus ;-)

    i saw this one, just mentioning it cuz it might be fun to try -- it's a little different:

    you could do it in one color, and with the "buttonhole", it wouldn't need to be that long in order to keep a neck warm. i think i would actually knit it from the inside out so that i would not run out of yarn. i'm knitinsage on ravelry if you want to pm me about that ;-).

    the other link i gave you would be way too lacy for a man, certainly!


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