Sunday, October 11, 2009

Slipper FO!!

This morning I rushed through seaming the second slipper so I could finally put this project on the finished list.  I've had this slipper sitting in my knitting bag since mid-August waiting for the finishing touches (I mentioned it here).  Unfortunately my "rush job" looks just like a rush job: the one on the left is the second slipper and looks less polished; the right one looks much neater in appearance.

Just the same, my son loves, loves, loves his slippers!  And he got them not a moment too soon.  It's getting chilly 'round these parts.  We've had to turn the heat on in the mornings.  Those Phentex chill chasers will come in handy.

Back to my regularly scheduled Christmas knitting . . .


  1. these slippers look great!
    you've inspired me to knit a pair. I think they would make awesome christmas gifts! :)

  2. Thanks Carol! I think they'd make good Christmas gifts too. And they're quite sturdy.


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