Saturday, October 24, 2009

Still Experimenting . . .

And still knitting--well sort of.  I'm not doing as much knitting as I'd like, but every little bit counts.  At least I finished one fingerless glove and working on second one: still working on thumb gusset and hopefully I can knit one or two fingers this weekend (I'd love to finish the enitre glove and be done with it very soon, but who's kidding who.  Ain't gonna happen this week).

And I've discovered how to take even better indoor photos.  Remember when I first discovered a good photo spot (blogged about it here) right in my own home (which incidently is rather dark especially on a dark, dreary winter's day)?  If I take a picture using the snow setting on my camera, the colours look just as they do under sunny conditions.  Here's the proof:

Auto Setting

Snow Setting

Natural Sunlight

A eureka moment!  Gotta love it when the light bulb in my head turns on :D  I may not have to build a photobox afterall.

And, I started experimenting with Wordpress: witness my handywork here .  No, I'm not moving my blog.  Actually I've enjoyed the ease of Blogger.  Highly recommend Blogger to any newbie interested in starting up their own blog.  Wordpress takes a little getting used to, but I wanted to try it out because I will eventually use it.  Confused?

Bernat has asked me to blog for them on their website (which uses Wordpress).  So excited and just plain tickled pink!  You can check out their website through my blogroll.  I won't be there till early November (I'll be sure to add a link after I start posting), but looking forward to it. :D


  1. Hey, congrats on the guest blog spot with Bernat. Word Press is not that hard to use once you get used to it. Nice fingerless gloves there and wow, what a difference a camera setting can make. I'll have to give that a try. Off to knit trees.

  2. Thanks Wool-Free. I'm liking the fingerless gloves. As for Wordpress, I gotta read the help-section more closely.

    Btw, are you knitting trees for Christmas?


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