Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sometimes . . .

Sometimes you can find knitterly items in the least likeliest places.  Everyday I walk to work.  It's a good half hour trek to and from, but the exercise is good for my heart (even if it hasn't done much for my waistline).  Walking along Main Street I go past shops that pique my curiosity. 

Take the used book store.  Sadly I'm not much of reader, but I popped in today, just the same, in search of craft and garden books.  I only had a few dollars on hand, but I scored a few old Patons books:

Both books are from 1984 and 1981 (Eeek!  The horrible 80s with too much eye makeup, towering hair-dos and hideous shoulder pads.  Ask me how I know).  Still, Nordic-style sweaters knit in the round never really go out of style.  And both books include children's sizes.  For a little over a dollar, how could I miss?

Then I stopped into a little shop selling Nova Scotian crafts and giftware.  There was a nice mix of neat items: hand-crafted pottery, paintings, matted photos, woodwork, goat's milk soaps and creams, homemade jams, sauces and syrups.  Then I spied two things that caught my attention: first there were handknits a-plenty and second there was handpainted yarn (I'm sure I gasped a little, but the clerk was busily knitting a scarf and didn't notice).  Now there wasn't much selection, but I was intrigued.  All the skeins came from Fibrepalooza.  This is big for me 'cuz there is no proper LYS in my town; nor is there one in the next town; in fact, I'd have to drive all the way to Halifax . . . . Sadly I could not make a purchase, but I'm gonna put the word out so Santa's elves can make me very happy Christmas morning (and I know at least one of Santa's elves reads this blog).

To tame my yarny urges, I walked over to the local V&S Department store to purchase some sock yarn.  Sadly no colours "jumped" at me.  However, I did spy a few pattern books for 99 cents!  How cool is that?

Two of those books include crochet patterns for the home.  Long ago, I could crochet: there are three afghans and at least one dainty doily in existance as proof of my skills (although where all those things are now, I cannot say).  I'd love to make a mat for the kitchen 'cuz the one I have now is lookin' very sad and dingy.

And just for good measure, I even picked up a few of those free pattern leaflets.  You can never have too many free patterns (there's a red binder and several file folders at home bursting with free  patterns--and yes, they are all organized too). 

Hope your weekend is shaping up to be a good one :)

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