Sunday, October 18, 2009

Christmas Round-Up

So I finished the Wendy neckwarmer.  Yay for me!  I knew it'd be a quick knit.  Just needs seaming and weaving of ends. 

With this one done, I thought I'd better make a good and proper list of all that needs completing.  Here's my progress thus far:

Nephew: Baby Sophisticate and Earflap Hat (knitting done; needs finishing)
Niece: Fishtail Cowl, Lacy Star Hat and Eyelet Yoke Cardigan (knitting done; all need finishing)
Mom: Fishtail Scarf (still knitting)
MIL: Fern & Waves Scarf (still knitting)
BIL: Wendy Neckwarmer & Fingerless Gloves (one done; other still knitting)
(By the way, the links above go to posts on my blog, but if you're a fellow Rav member you can just access my progress bars to the right).

I'm feeling pretty good.  Just a few more items.  I'm hoping to finish all in the next two weeks as November will be my "finishing" month.  There are other non-knitting Christmas items to be completed as well, but only one of these will be my project.  The rest will be completed by dear hubby.

Meanwhile, back to knitting . . .  ;)


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