Friday, October 16, 2009

Scarf No More

Remember that cabled scarf where I could find no love? Haven't frogged the thing--at least not yet.  The project was doomed from the start: the yarn and cables fought each other.  Besides, I hadn't considered that cables would shorten the length (thanks for that tip Knitinsage) which means I'd need more yarn--yarn that I don't have. 

So instead of a scarf, I'm falling back to a tried and true standard: the neckwarmer (aka the cowl).  I'm using a simple rib from the Wendy Scarf pattern (found in the Knitting a Pattern a Day Calendar 2008).  Moreover, I've nixed the Bernat Worsted; instead I'm using Bernat Chunky.  I must confess that I've got a soft spot for the Chunky: very soft and knits up very quickly.

Truth time:  I've made this before for my boys.  Hard to beat something that I know is gonna work.  Originally I used about 72 stitches on 5.5mm and knit until the piece measured about 5".  For the adult version, I'm using 78 stitches on 6.5mm and working until piece measures approximately 5-6". 

The plain version

The striped version

Hopefully the neckwarmer will match the fingerless gloves.  More importantly, I hope the recipient will get some use out of the items.  He definitely appreciates hand-crafted items. 


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