Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Post Holiday Ruminations

So we enjoyed our long weekend, even though the weather suddenly turned cold (and dare I say that some of us witnessed snow **gasp**).  At least the sun came out as we spent time with the kids building 3D puzzles, watching movies (love Charlotte's Web--give it 3 hankies), reading and knitting (truth be told, only I knitted, although one of the boys picks up the needles every now and then).  And of course we visited family.

Got to wear my new shoes as we went visiting.  Its silly, but I'm lovin' my new shoes.  They're nothing fancy, but oh so cute.  Me thinks I need to make some pretty socks to better show off the shoes.  Churned out a few pairs for my boys, but I have yet to make a pair for me. 

Speaking of knitting for others, all this Christmas knitting is starting to feel like work.  Since August I've been knitting for somebody else.  Nothing for me.  Not. One. Thing.  I'll soon be ready to make something just for me: socks, a silky scarf, and a warm cardigan . . .oh fibery thoughts course through my brain as I dream . . . ah, to dream . . .

Sending thoughts of yarny goodness your way :)

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