Sunday, October 25, 2009

Rain, Rain Go Away

Fall is definitely here on the Canadian east coast: dark, dreary and mighty wet punctuated with hail.  As I write this, the rain pounds against my window while the wind howls amidst the trees (I never noticed how noisy the wind could be until I moved out here.  I don't remember it being so loud growing up in TO). 

We try to enjoy the sunny weather whenever it makes a rare appearance.  A little over a week ago we found some mighty fine pumpkins.

We're waiting till this week to carve our big pumpkins, but the boys decided to decorate the little ones.  I am amazed at their creativity and whimsy.

Have I mentioned who the boys will be on Halloween?  Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley of KISS.  That's right.  KISS.  Dear hubby has eclectic musical tastes and he's exposed the children to different kinds of music.  At present the boys enjoy KISS, the Beatles, B52s, Led Zepplin, Barenaked Ladies' Snacktime, Jack Johnson and the Ratatouille soundtrack--now there's a mix!  ;)

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