Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Socks Are Done!

Yes! Those pretty pair of blue socks (remember these from here and here ) are done and done! So very pleased with myself.

As you might recall, this pattern came from an old Patons booklet. There were elements of the pattern that I liked: the longer leg length and also the larger needle size (2.75mm versus the usual 2.25mm). One thing I did NOT like was the look of the finished heel turn. It's rather triangular and narrow. I prefer something less "pointy"--like the more rounded heel turn found in the Vintage Vogue Ribbed Child's Sock (remember these found here ).

What to do? Then it hit me: why not combine the two patterns! Take the best of each while leaving out the elements I dislike. Sound easy, right? Not so much. I spent most of the morning rewriting instructions and trying to reconcile the various stitch counts as the two patterns were merged into something new (and I should add that the pattern is only for my own personal use since I'm dealing with copyrighted material). At one point I pulled out some scrap yarn and needles to re-create the heel turn just so I'd get the numbers right. Is this what designing feels like? Have I mentioned how much I dislike math? I really, really hate math (sorry to all you math minds out there. I much prefer words to numbers).

Needless to say, I now have two sock patterns that have been customized to fit my sons' feet. Now if I could just get brave enough to try a new stitch pattern, I'd be grooving. No wait--if I came into untold riches and could use the most luxurious yarns for socks, then I'd be grooving.

Knit on! :)

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