Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Knitting Continues . . .

So the knitting continues (and it helps that I've been on vacation the past week).

The Eyelet Yoke Cardigan is progressing rather quickly--at least for me, slow as a turtle. The back is "complete" as is one sleeve. I've even started the second sleeve. Once the left and right fronts are done, I can work the yoke across all the pieces. At this rate, I might be done by the end of September (Maybe? Perhaps? If I work really hard at it . . .).

The Fern and Waves scarf is coming along too. About 18 inches done. See the upper right hand corner? Take a closer look below. See the little ball of bamboo.

That's all that's left! If two balls gave me 18", I hope 4 more balls will be enough (anything over 50" will be just right). I've ordered more from Elann. And according to their website, there was more of the same dye lot. Could it be possible? I'll know for sure in 1-2 weeks . . . (if hurricane Bill doesn't blow us all away).

Hope your weekend will be less blustery than mine. ;)

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