Monday, August 17, 2009


So remember my Andrea Reversible Lace scarf (see post here and below)?

Sadly she is no more. The picture above is all I have left of her.

Since starting other lace projects, my Andrea scarf has looked less "pretty" (I'm thinking it was all the purl rows). As time wore on, doubt plagued me. I wondered whether my mom would indeed appreciate the scarf. She was once a knitter and avid crocheter, but not sure how she'd feel about a hand-made gift--although she seemed to like the gift scrapbook I made last year.

So today I ripped, ripped, ripped … all the way to the frog pond. Not to worry. The silk-bamboo will shortly be turned into something more pretty and perhaps more to my recipient's liking. In fact, I've already cast on for another scarf using a pretty fishtail pattern.

I like the new scarf better. I hope my mom will like it too. It's so hard to make things for one's mom.

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