Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Where the Country Road Leads . . .

So hot the last few days . . . we've been on little jaunts through the countryside to catch a cool breeze.
And maybe stop for a little picnic lunch or snack.

The air can be as much as five degrees cooler, depending how close to the ocean you are--a very welcome cool, indeed! I guess ya never know where the country road leads (well, dear hubby knew where it led, but I didn't and that's okay since I wasn't the driver--ha!).

And this countryside got me thinking . . .and dreaming . . . **sigh** Some day, we'll be living on a country road--at the very least, in the country on a little farm.

We visited a little place last night. It needs work--a lot of work--but its a definite possibility. We'll have a huge vegetable garden and also a greenhouse to extend the growing season. Definitely need a cow (to fertilize that garden--nothing like cow poop to make things grow!), some chickens (for eggs and meat) and a few pigs ('cuz who doesn't like pork?). Eventually, we'd have goats (and they better stay out of my flowerbeds!) and of course sheep. I'll need to learn how to spin . . .

It's fun to dream . . .

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