Sunday, August 16, 2009

Casting On One More . . .

So I decided to cast on one more project (Eeek! Hope I've not got too much on the go. Too ambitious perhaps?). The Eyelet Yoke Cardigan from the Lion Brand website will be a Christmas present. Thankfully it will also be very portable. My lace scarves are not so portable; I've got to concentrate so that I don't mess up the pattern. At least with the cardi, there will be a lot of mindless stockinette stitch that I can easily do in the dark (a must if I wanna knit a little during naptime).

Just finished working on the swatch. Originally I tried Eloise Eyelet Yoke pattern (also from Lion Brand). Not sure what the difference is between the two as they look very similar; however, the suggested needle size for Eloise seemed odd (3.75mm with a worsted weight?).

Is it odd to agonize over which needle size to use? According to my swatch, 5.0mm gives me 18 st while 5.5mm gives me 16.5 st (gauge should be 17 st). Since I’d like this cardi to be bigger, I went with the 5.5mm. The intended 16 mo recipient is already wearing size 2 so I figure size 3 will be plenty big.

Happy knitting . . . :)

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