Sunday, November 27, 2011

Technical Difficulties

Pretty Kitty
So I had a post all ready to go on my latest FO (not one, but two!).  Go figure, the darn thing didn't publish correctly! Ugh!  There was something funky going on with the font ( could it be 'cuz I used cut-and-paste?  Never happened before and I've been with Blogger for almost 3  years).  For the life of me, I couldn't figure it out and it doesn't help that I know nothin' 'bout HTML. 

So whilst I re-do EVERYTHING on my post (arrrrgh and double arrrgh!), you can look at some nice kitty photos.
Cozy Amongst the Jackets and Slippers
I must confess that I'm turning into a bit of a cat person (Eeeek! I'm becoming something I never thought I'd never be).  I'm totally fascinated by my cat Patches.  She's so darn cute--if I do say so myself.  

And she's becoming quite the mouser.  A few nights ago, she came up to me growling (I swear she sounded like a dog).  She had something in her mouth.  I thought it was a toy.  I followed her into the bathroom and realized it was a mouse!  I tried to remove it from her mouth, but the mouse was still alive!  I quickly stepped on it to keep it from escaping and then . . . flush, flush (That can't be good for the toilet, right?  And yes, I was holding a live mouse in my hand).  What's a mouse-fearing person to do?  And why didn't my cat kill the mouse?  How many other mice escaped her clutches?  Time for some old-fashioned mouse traps.

Hope your weekend is free from any technical difficulties (and any mice too).

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