Saturday, November 19, 2011

Crafting . . .

Crafty Pursuits
On this chilly Saturday, I'm busy crafting away: scrapping a gift album for my parents.  Its their Christmas gift.  Every year it gets harder and harder to find gifts for my folks; they're very particular, so I thought a lovely album would be very personal and much appreciated  (I can safely reveal that here 'cuz my folks don't know 'bout the interwebs. They don't even own a computer, so I figure I'm safe--as long as my brother and sisters stay mum 'bout my crafty plans).  
Second Sock
And rest assured there has been knitting.  Trying to knock off another languishing WIP from my long list.  I started my second toe-up sock.  Its a ribbed sock I started in the summer.  The first sock went rather quickly, but then I never cast-on for the second one and my hands were busy with other projects  . . well, you know how it goes.  So many crafty diversions, so little time . . . 

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