Monday, November 28, 2011

Toasty Toes

Oh what a good girl am I! Got two FOs to share--and they're both socks . . . ahhh, toasty toes! :D
Worsted Toe-Up Socks
First off, I finally finished my first-ever toe-up socks.  And of course I blogged about them back in July.  I picked them up again in September and almost finished them save for the bind-off.  I know what you're thinking: if I was almost finished, why did it take more than two months to finally cast-off the last few stitches (honestly I'd like to know the answer to that one too, but I can make a few good guesses).
Right Worsted Sock
Suffice to say that "the big move" had something to do with it.  With all the painting, packing and unpacking, there wasn't time for much else.  And to be honest, I'd forgotten about them until I found them in a little bag in my craft closet (so lucky to finally have a space where I can store all my yarn bins and all my scrapbook supplies).
Fingering-Weight Toe-Up Socks
As for the second pair of socks, these progressed a little faster--sort of.  I was able to finish the first sock in a week back in July.  The second sock . . . well, it was a while before I cast on for the second sock; but once I began, it progressed rather quickly ('bout two weeks all told).
Left Sock
Right Sock
Notice how the striping is totally different from one skein to the next.  I bet if I'd whipped up a third sock with another skein it would look totally different from the first two.  Just the nature of the yarn.  Its Patons Kroy FX and there's more in my stash (yay, more socks!).  

For my next trick . . . . a new project?  Me thinks there are slippers in my future.

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