Sunday, November 20, 2011


Compact Tractors
Is there something amiss in the my acrylic-filled brain if I ogle tractors?  Is it so wrong to have tractor envy?  
More Tractors
Seriously, I'm lovin' the ones with a bucket--mighty handy for clearing the snow from my long, long driveway come wintertime.  You wouldn't believe how expensive a brand new tractor can be.  If only we had some extra money . . . Or maybe we can find a decent used tractor (And just FYI, my FIL and BIL are feeling the tractor envy too.  Just sayin').
Recent Magazine Purchases
For the past year I've been reading a lot of Mother Earth News and Hobby Farms.  It can give a girl ideas--crazy, farming, living-off-the-grid and growing-my-own-food ideas. 

A girl can dream . . . 

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