Friday, November 4, 2011

Not Quite Knitting . . .

I'd like to write that I'm almost finished my Bohus Redux cardigan, but sadly I haven't touched it all week.  Instead I've been working on the lone slipper in the hopes that I can finally give them to my husband (I think I've been working on these for a year--although to be fair, they've been sitting in my knitting basket untouched for a long, long time).

And since I've no camera with me, there are no updated photos of knitted items (although how interesting can a slipper be?).  Instead, you must content yourself with a few breath-taking shots of country life:
Pond Near Our Place

Misty Sunrise
There's something about the natural world that impresses and inspires a soul . . . Perhaps this is why I left the security and familiarity of city-life lo those many years ago.  Perhaps this is why we longed to leave town life.  For two years we dreamed . . . and now here we are.  

So I have to live without the internet for a few more weeks? Thus far I've managed.  Besides, there are plenty of wi-fi hot spots during my weekly forays into town (As I write this I'm enjoying the quiet space and luxury of a hotel.  I've got a work-related seminar in the morning).  Too philosophical?  Maybe. Its good to stop and reflect every now and then.

Here's hoping your weekend is a good one--and a crafty one.  :)

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