Sunday, November 13, 2011


Yup, got something finished (its been a while, n'est pas?).
Finished Slippers
Finally completed a pair of slippers for my dear hubby.  Hard to believe, but these were started a year ago . . . a whole year?!  That is way too long for a pair of slippers.  
New Slippers
I think hubby appreciated the effort (he's generally very appreciative).  I only wish he'd ask me for more hand knits (still planning to make him a cardigan one of these days.  I has the yarn and the pattern.  Now if I could only find enough time during the run of a day.  Or perhaps I could become a faster knitter . . . ha, as if that is ever gonna happen).

It always bothers me that my slippers never quite look like the traditional Phentex slippers.  I never got the hang of the striped version--can't seem to avoid the holes.  So I alternate colours every two rows.  My finishing is also less than acceptable.  Thankfully I found a blogger who's made a lovely tutorial over at Pinney and Pnut.  She clearly illustrates how to assemble the slippers.  Check it out.

Now I'm off to enjoy one more day off.  Have a good one. :)


  1. I need to make slippers for DH, and pour moi, aussi. It's chilly in our drafty house! I love how poofy yours are.

  2. I like the poufiness too, but I'm ready to try a different slipper pattern for myself.


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