Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Re-Cap-Part 1

Christmas has come and gone (with 10 extra pounds to show for it, LOL).  I managed to finish the last two items on Christmas Eve and wrap them just in time for gift-giving.  It was a lot of work, but I'm happy to say all the recipients were truly grateful and appreciative. **blushes**  That feels good.  Made the effort that much more worth it.

First off, my oldest and dearest friend received the little package I made for her daughter: a cute hat with matching socks.  I had blogged about these over at Bernat (you'll have to scroll through the posts on Blogger Projects from DinaPurls to find specific posts).  I also have details over in my notebook at Ravelry here and here (you'll have to login through Ravelry).  This is a yarn that I can no longer find in town.  I'd have to travel to Halifax or order online (thank heavens Mary Maxim carries the entire Bernat line)

What a cutie!  So happy the hat fit her. 

And I finished the sweater for my niece too.  Sadly I couldn't get her to put it on Christmas Day (too many other distractions for a toddler), but dad informed me it fit her well.

I just love the eyelet detail in the yoke.  It looks so complicated, but it was so easy to make.  I had already blogged about it here and here, but nothing beats a proper FO pic.  And of course there are details over at my projects page on Ravelry.  And I loved working with the yarn (it was Vanna's Choice from Lionbrand and it came all the way from Florida).  Again, too bad I can't get it 'round these parts, unless I travel to Halifax or maybe order online.  The woes of small town life! (Although I think Herrschners might carry it, but I've never ordered from them).

There's so much more to blog about, but I'll save that for tomorrow.  Right now, it's back to knitting.  I've got a few things to finish so I can start on a new project for me!

Happy Holidays!

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