Sunday, December 20, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree

I love getting the tree.  Usually it's the weekend before Christmas.  And its a real one.  Usually hubby and the boys go out to pick it--our little tradition.  I think this year's tree is a tad bigger than usual (doesn't it always look smaller on the lot?).

After years of fake ones, I've come to love the real thing.  The house fills with the scent of pine.  I don't mind the pine needles that fall away.  Nature isn't always neat and tidy.  Sometimes its a little bit messy--just like me.

We usually let the tree "sit" in the house for a day to ensure its drinking plenty of fluids.  The next day we decorate.

There are lots of special ornaments on our tree: special gifts from friends and family; many of them are handmade. It's fun to decorate with the kids and reminisce about who made what or the story behind a particular decoration.

Isn't Christmas lovely?


  1. So cute and tradicional tree!! Greetings from here! I wish you a beautiful xmas and a new year full of blessings and things to do knitting :) Varla.

  2. Thanks so much Varla. Hope you have a joyful Christmas and wonderful New Year too.


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