Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Re-cap--Last Part

I promise this is the last re-cap!  Really, I only have a couple of knitted gifts to share.  I made a neckwarmer and fingerless gloves for my brother-in-law (mentioned them here and here).  BIL appreciated the gift and he especially loved the scrapbook of his little girl (seriously, I wasn't trying to make him cry).

And of course, I finished the Fern and Waves Scarf by the skin of my teeth: finished knitting a few days before Christmas and wove in the last ends on Christmas Eve.  Since I promptly wrapped it, I never took a proper final picture.  So sadly there is no final photo.  But my mother-in-law loved it!  She took it to Florida with her to wear as a stole 'round her shoulders.

As for my mom's Fishtail Scarf, I too nelgected to take a final photo.  I did finish that early enough, but waited till the last minute to weave in the ends.  Then I wrapped it in haste so that I could ship it off to my family in Ontario.  This is the last photo (although you can see more here ).  It's not a proper shot, but that's the best I can do (unless my mom sends me a photo, and that's highly unlikely). 

Dear hubby said something poignant. Gifts made with one's hands are made of love.  Then he said how proud of me he was and that I too should be proud of myself for all the wonderful gifts that were made.  Thanks honey.  I am. :)

Happy Knitting!


  1. I have been wanting to learn to knit for such a long time but found it hard to put some time aside to start. I just picked up some knitting needles and yarn last week and started. I've learned to cast on, cast off and garter stitch. I just finished a pair of -rather odd- looking slippers this weekend :)

    Glad I stumbled upon your blog this week!

  2. Glad you've stumbled upon the blog too, Jack. And that's awesome how much knitting you've learned already.


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