Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Re-Cap--Part 2

Here are the rest of the knitted gifts I can finally share with you (although if you're on Ravelry, you've already seen some of this.  Maybe I'm being pushy, but if you're a knitter, crocheter or spinner, you MUST join Ravelry .  It is an awesome resource for all things fiber--yarns, patterns, mods, designers, books, forums, help, etc).

First up is the Baby Sophisticate (I did post about this here, and here, here too, and of course here ).  Nothing, though, beats a finished item with buttons attached and ends woven in.

I just love those buttons.  They look like old leather ones (maybe I should have put patches at the elbows--haha).  And I think the little label finishes it off.

Too bad the hand-stitching is--oh,let's be kind--less than perfect.  Still, my sister loved it.

I also made hats to match, one for each of my nephews.

The bigger hat is taken from a free pattern on Knitscene's website called Earflap Hats (blogged about here.  I think you can still get the free pattern at this Knitting Daily link).  Since it turned out too big, I decided to gift it to my older nephew and try my hand at another pattern for the wee one. 

The smaller hat is a modified version of a toddler hat from Bernat's book Stretchy Sets.  Essentially its the same pink hat you saw yesterday--with modifications of course (mods can be found on my project page at my Ravelry notebook).

I also made a hat and neckwarmer for my niece in lilac (mentioned previously here).  Was it serendipity that it matched her eggplant-coloured coat perfectly?

Although I finished these back in August, I neglected the finishing touches until the last minute.  In fact, I seemed to do that with all my Christmas knitting.  Once the actual knitting was complete, I just couldn't bring myself to get through the finishing stage.  Hmmm, what does that say about me as a knitter?

There are a few other items about which to post, but I'll update those later this week (possibly even tomorrow.  After all, I am off till the new year).  Right now, there are some odds and ends that need attending to.

Happy Knitting :)

PS (By the way, check out my latest post at Bernat Yarns.  Yeah, I know I've mentioned that a few times too.  It's my blog and I'll plug, plug, plug if I want to--hee, hee).


  1. The buttons are a great match for that sweater -- just darling!

  2. Thanks Wool-Free. Sometimes you can get lucky.


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